May 20, 2024

Why Does it Matter Which Divorce Lawyer You Hire?

Divorce is not a rosy situation where your spouse will agree to all your conditions, especially if yours is not a mutual divorce. And even if it’s a mutual one, things can take a swift turn in the court when parental custody is involved. The two of you might have decided who should keep the child, but there’s no guarantee that your spouse will keep up on their words to pay the alimony alongside the child’s maintenance financial aid. And these are just a few situations that can suddenly change the course of a divorce case. So, whether or not you think that your case is a simple one, there’s always the need of a good divorce attorney like the Andrew Heft family law attorney. A few reasons that you need such a lawyer are listed below. Have a look!

  • Andrew Heft has been practicing family law for years. And practical experience and practice in court counts the most. 
  • He will be able to open your case strongly in the court and will continue to present the facts since he believes in doing proper research before every single case he takes.
  • He will not misguide you about your chances of getting the alimony and the child’s custody from the very beginning. 
  • He will make sure that you get your fair share for your personal maintenance.

That said, let’s now take you through a couple of key divorce pointers that you must know about before hitting the courtroom. 

Grounds For You to Receive Alimony instead of Paying it 

Now, if you’ve spent most of your wedding years as a homemaker, you’re the one who will receive alimony irrespective of the fact whether you committed adultery or not – which means, gender does not determine who gets the alimony anymore. 

Grounds That Will Make You Win the Custody of Your Child

Child’s custody is actually the most tricky aspect of getting a divorce. If both parents are fighting for custody, you’re more likely to win it under the following circumstances.

  • You do not have a history of alcoholism.
  • You do not have a criminal history/background. 
  • You are emotionally connected to your child.
  • You aren’t always out on business trips.
  • You spend enough time with your child.

Also, remember, if your child is more than 12 years of age, his/her wish matters the most. So, half the case is already won if your child wants to live with you. However, the one thing that can minimize the chances that you’ll get the solo custody of the child even if the child wants it is the fact if you have any sort of physical inability that might compromise with the safe upbringing of the child.

These are all very complicated matters that have to be argued and defended in the court. The opposition lawyer will try their best to make their clients win. Which is why your lawyer should be a highly experienced and skilled attorney who can increase your chances of winning.