May 19, 2024

Best Reviews As Per Your Understanding Now

Online reputation has become the pillar of growth for 21st century companies. The reason is simple. Today, to find out more about a brand, customers go to the Internet. Companies that have a better reputation online therefore see their turnover increase.

In this regard, customer reviews are elements to which consumers pay particular attention. They are often decisive for the purchase decision.

More than half of customers read reviews online

If you are still wondering about the importance of customer Reviews, the first figures put forward in this study will give you a more precise idea. Indeed, of the 390 people questioned, 64% say they consult online reviews to find out more about a product or service.

But why this craze for customer reviews?

To understand this, we must introduce another notion: the customer experience. It is about the customer’s experience when he is in contact with a company, buys and uses its products. Today, this customer experience is of paramount importance to consumers. A positive customer experience means that the company has been able to provide a service that meets the needs and expectations of the buyer.

Why is it important to respond to their opinions?

Responses to customer reviews

Customer reviews reflect this experience. In other words, a positive review is a sign of a positive experience. Consumers then consult them to see if the company is able to provide an experience that meets its customers’ expectations. They stick to removing any doubts and ensuring that the words put forward through the advertising campaigns or the product description is relevant and real.

Consumers pay particular attention to negative reviews

Almost all sectors of activity, represented on the Internet, are now subject to the eyes and judgment of customers. Customers give their opinion as much for a cosmetic product as for household appliances or High Tech devices.

However, consumers are more inclined to submit reviews in the service delivery sectors. This is particularly the case in the tourism, hotel and catering sector.

Customers can leave as many positive reviews as negative reviews. However, according to the study, they submit more positive reviews. Also, only 10% of respondents admitted to leaving a comment to complain.

From the perspective of consumers looking at these reviews, the behavior is quite different. Indeed, they are more attentive to negative opinions. 55% of them will in particular consult the negative feedbacks, against 45% who linger on the positive opinions.

But rest assured, negative reviews are only considered if they are constructive and contain relevant arguments.

Beware of false opinions!

The behavior of buyers can be a source of concern, in a sense that some are more careful about negative reviews. Indeed, the risk is to see his online reputation tarnished by fake reviews. What then should be done in the face of these?

False reviews are reviews published with a view to self-promoting or harming a competitor. In the first case, it remains a positive opinion like any other in the eyes of the buyer. However, it is clear that the positive opinions that accumulate without the slightest negative opinion sows doubt among consumers.