June 13, 2024

Newborn usher happiness in the families, refresh relations adding new lease of life to everything they are associated with. Such is the charm of the little ones- what better way than gifting them with the blessings of gold or an investment that they can carry on for a lifetime and pass it too. While there are ample options for women and men such as the gold ring for men or that latest lightweight and latest gold necklace designs for women, on the contrary, we have to look for ideas for gifting newborns. 

All things adorable, petite, and cue may not suffice as the gift, while some can be used for only a certain age others can be carried for a lifetime. While we all agree that gifting is an art, newborn gifting definitely is an art and a challenge, having said that here are a few ideas you can embrace while gifting newborns.

  1. Gold Gifts: The most precious and highly rated are the variety of gold gifts that you can present a newborn with such as the baby extendable Kadas, gold spoons, baby rings, baby bangles, maang tikkas, and a whole lot of other options. You can also buy a 24KT gold coin and custom make it with the name of the baby and gift it as a souvenir. Gold gifts are our top choice given their exponential growth rate, value, and the idea of adornment. 
  2. Silver Gifts: Silver gifts take the second place in the order for their popularity, usage, and cost-effectiveness. Unlike gold, silver wins in more respects for silver is widely used and the most affordable gift option too. Starting from simple silver Kadas to silver plates, spoons, bowls, and the very fancy silver toys- there are plenty of options to choose from. One can also look for silver rattles, silver feeding bottles, soapboxes, and many baby accessories.
  3. Gift Cards: If you are unable to make that choice then gift cards from banks or any retail Jewellery stores would be a great option. In this way, you are also leaving for the parents to decide what is best for their baby. 
  4. Saving Certificates: A very practical and realistic option for gifting are the saving certificates that banks or post offices offer. The money is fixed for few years anywhere between 5-7 and once they mature they would be useful in the child’s formative years. You can take these savings certificates in the child’s name and nominate an adult as a guardian.
  5. Mutual Funds/Bonds/Shares: An extremely modern and bullish way of gifting is investing in shares, mutual funds, and bonds in the name of the child. This is most viable when you are either the parents or the grandparents taking in the name of the child. They have their timelines to grow and mature. They also need a great amount of research, thought, and paperwork. But, one should not discount the percentage of returns they offer over the long run.

Having mentioned both traditional and modern gifting options, if you are a parent, it is best to choose the best of both worlds for your little one- one as a Shagun and the other given the long-term necessities of the child.