May 19, 2024

What are the most common Medical Malpractice areas?

It is well-known that medical professionals may make serious mistakes in certain cases resulting in medical malpractice or negligence. As a result, their victims are forced to deal with the emotional and physical trauma resulting from the negligence, and the situation leaves an undesirable effect on their entire lives.

Aside from the life-changing effects, some victims of misconduct do not seek the aid of the right Miami Medical Malpractice Attorneys as they are unsure whether medical malpractice may have occurred in their case.

Can Miami Medical Malpractice Attorneys make a difference?

People believe that mistakes can happen in surgery, so no one is responsible for them. On the other hand, many victims wait too long to consult a good legal expert and the timeline.

In Florida, the law restricts medical malpractice cases to be tabled within two years. As a result, as soon as such an issue is detected, they need to make a notice to investigate what caused the injury.

Because of the side effects and the limited time to file a complaint, victims should contact an experienced team of  Miami Medical Malpractice Attorneys immediately, especially when –

  • In many instances of misdiagnosis, it is seen that the physician observes the victim but neglects to deliver adequate care or diagnose the condition.
  • The doctor may have overlooked an underlying physical ailment or failed to diagnose a victim’s underlying condition or medical history.
  • Misdiagnosis is classified as inappropriate because it hinders the subject from obtaining the required treatment. On the other hand, healthy victims who are misdiagnosed end up receiving treatment for injuries and problems they do not need. Improper diagnosis occurs only if the specialist fails to do what other physicians would have done in the identical condition.
  • In the case of delayed diagnosis, the specialist brings about an incorrect diagnosis, but the victim receives a correct, accurate diagnosis. It allows the ailment to worsen because the victim does not receive the necessary treatment within the stipulated time. For a lawsuit to be assessed for a delayed diagnosis, the physician must have assessed the victim more accurately than other doctors.
  • Sometimes a physician gets a proper diagnosis but neglects to recommend a reasonable treatment plan, and it is known as treatment failure. Similarly, in case of surgical errors, one may become a victim of –
  • Wrong surgical procedure
  • Performing unnecessary surgery
  • Administering inappropriate amounts of anaesthesia
  • Leaving the instrument inside the victim.

  • Surgical errors can have significant consequences. Just because a specialist tells a victim that he may die during foot surgery does not mean that it causes death.
  • Congenital disabilities are among the worst forms as nobody can plan for the involuntary consequences of congenital disabilities induced by medical negligence.
  • Such issues can moreover occur during childbirth, leading to problems for either the mother or baby. Congenital disabilities often cultivate the need for lifelong health and care plans, which can cost several million dollars.
  • When defective medical equipment does not work, it can harm victims who receive it. For instance, some medical equipment travels through the bloodstream and induces critical injury or death.