July 14, 2024

Who pays medical bills after a car accident in Florida?

Car accidents are very common accidents everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, in Florida, accidents are very common as compared to the other states. According to data revealed by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, there were more than 400,000 car accidents in Florida in one year, and more than 41% were causing injury to the individuals involved in the accident; apart from this, 2,915 fatal car accidents took place. If you are involved in any car accident in Florida, a Tampa car accident lawyer can help you with the legal procedure.

Who pays medical bills after a car accident in Florida?

In a recent year, almost 166,881 accidents resulted in major injuries, as per the Florida Department Of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles data. After the car accidents, a medical emergency was required for the individuals involved in the car accidents. Many residents of Florida find themselves struggling to afford the basic cost of the medical injury that happened. Fortunately, there are times and situations as per the legal procedure where others can compensate for the cost to help you recover the medical costs. A Tampa car accident lawyer will help you with the complete legal procedure to help you recover the cost, so you may have to deal with a little less burden.

Few options to help you recover the cost can be as follows:

  1. Your PIP Insurance

Every driver is required to hold a minimum of $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection insurance (PIP) coverage in Florida. You are eligible for the PIP insurance coverage of 80% of the medical cost, and you will be required to pay only 20% of the total cost. The patient is eligible for the PIP insurance only within the 14 days of the accident; after that the patient has to pay the complete amount. Additionally, the passengers who got injured in a car accident are also eligible for PIP insurance with the driver.

  1. Your Private Medical Insurance

You can choose the option of your Private Medical Insurance if you do not have PIP insurance. In this case, your private medical insurance company will try to reimburse the spent amount of your medical treatment from the party at-fault during the accident. So you may go for this option for the recovery of the medical cost.

  1. Your Employer

Under this insurance, you can work at any firm and offer workers’ compensation benefits to the employees. You will be paid for the lost wages, and that cost may also cover the amount required for the medical treatment.

  1. The Other Driver

In this case, if the car accident happened due to another driver’s fault and they do not have bodily injury protection, you are still able to file a personal injury suit against them, for which you will get the recovery cost. The medical cost and the other compensation would come from the other person’s assets. If the other driver is working anywhere, then the medical treatment cost is recovered by the work company of that driver.

  1. A Third Party

In some cases, the third party is liable to pay for the accident’s medical cost recovery. A few cases can be as below:

  • A non-driving uninjured party which caused the accident
  • If the accident is caused due to the poor road condition or the damaged traffic devices
  • An accident where any commercial vehicle is involved