May 19, 2024

Top 10 Qualities to Look for in a Good Suffolk Divorce Lawyer

Find the Perfect Divorce Lawyer 

Divorce can be complicated but finding a lawyer doesn’t have to be. If you look for these 10 qualities in a Divorce Lawyer Suffolk , you will make that journey to becoming a divorcee a lot smoother. When choosing a lawyer, you should look for most, if not all of these traits. In doing so, you must remember to keep in mind these lawyers are people too.

#1 Skill and Experience

When choosing a lawyer, you want to make sure you are choosing someone who is seasoned and has more than a few cases under their belt. You are also going to want to choose a lawyer that studies family law.

#2 Communication

Obviously, you want to have a lawyer who communicates well with you. You are also going to want them to communicate well with others. They will have to talk with several other people including your spouse. They will need to be able to negotiate with your spouse because you will have the opportunity to decide the outcome of your own divorce.

#3 Control

Sometimes you and your spouse can disagree on things so it would be crucial to have a lawyer that can keep his or her composure. You want your lawyer in control not your spouse’s lawyer.

#4 Availability

Will they return your call in a timely fashion? Obviously, you are not the only client your lawyer has but they should at least be able to give you a time frame for when they will be able to reach out to you. You surely wouldn’t want a lawyer that is so overloaded with other cases that they can’t even remember your name much less give you time to work on you case.

#5 Resources

What happens if life happens and your lawyer can’t be available to finish your case? Make sure they have associates that could possibly step in and assist or take over the case should the need arise.

#6 Negotiator

Your lawyer must be persuasive so find one that will be able to negotiate outside of the trial and settle as many things as possible. It costs less if you and your spouse can compromise.

#7 Let’s talk strategy

Consider this the plan of attack clause. You want your lawyer to have a plan before going into battle. This way they are prepared for anything your spouses’ attorney may throw their way. Make sure that if your first or second plan falls through there are more tricks up your lawyers’ sleeve.

#8 Confidence is key

Your spouse’s lawyer may try to bully your counsel, so you are going to want your lawyer to be as confident as possible. Your lawyer should stand firm in his words.

#9 True nature

This coincides with availability. You want your lawyer to be genuine and care about your case. There is nothing worse than feeling like just another number during something so important. He or she should treat you with the utmost respect. Some lawyers may come across as very pushy and may seem to want to push you to settle with less than you are willing to settle for. You should avoid this type of lawyer. They are likely out for a paycheck and will just be looking to get your case finished as quickly as possible.

#10 Have an eye for this

Your lawyer shouldn’t just understand your side of things. They should also understand the weaknesses and strengths of the other side as well. 

Any time you are going through a divorce consider these things, especially if you have special circumstances like children or assets of great proportion. Besides, you are trying to find a lawyer that will get you what you want out of this divorce so don’t settle for a lawyer and don’t settle in the court room.