July 14, 2024

Defending an Internet Crime Allegation: Why You Should Lawyer Up

Internet crimes such as internet fraud and identity theft are increasing with the prevalent use of the internet and electronic communications. This is the reason the Federal Bureau of Investigation has started to crack down and take their pursuit of internet criminals more seriously than ever. However, what if you have been accused of an internet crime? How will you defend yourself and prove your innocence? Would you need to lawyer up?

Cyber and Internet Crime Penalties

Penalties for internet and cyber crimes can be severe. In fact, a conviction can mean years in prison or a life sentence and steep fines. And the majority of crimes committed on the internet can be prosecuted in both state and federal court. The reason is that the nature of crime online usually crosses state boundaries, causing damages that the entire nature could feel. 

Do You Need a new jersey internet crimes attorney?

Being charged with any crime can have negative impacts on your reputation. Anyone who faces criminal charges risks severe penalties like jail time, a criminal record, as well as possible life-changing after-effects such as loss or damage to future job opportunities, relationships, and housing options. A good internet crimes attorney can use different strategies when fighting a cyber or internet crime allegation. You need an attorney with extensive experience defending against all internet crimes, especially the one you are accused of committing. 

When dealing with any internet crime charges, you must get legal help as soon as possible. Government investigations into these crimes can drag on for months. A great lawyer will defend your rights and make sure the law is followed if the government wants to seize your computer and relevant assets. If you have allowed the authorities to seize your computer, don’t panic. Your attorney has many valid defenses they can raise to protect your rights and freedom.