July 14, 2024

Must Taste! 16 Delicious Makassar Foods


What do you think when you are asked about Makassar culinary or special food? Maybe what immediately comes to mind is coto and jalangkote. Makassar has more traditional delicious foods. The foods listed below are Makassar culinary icons that are worth trying.

  1. Coto Makassar

The composition of the Makassar coto filling consists of meat with a special spiced sauce and served with buras. This typical Makassar food has become a culinary icon that tourists should taste.

  1. Sop Sodara

Sop Sodara is made of beef, vermicelli, fried potato balls, and fried beef lung. All of these ingredients are served complete with spice-rich gravy and duck eggs. Usually, the soup is eaten with white rice, grilled fish, and boiled eggs. There are also other additions, namely peanut sauce and cucumber slices. This soup originated from Pangkep Regency, which is about 50 kilometers from Makassar.

  1. Konro

The raw material for konro consists of ribs or beef stewed with herbs and spices. The seasonings and spices include cinnamon, tamarind water, pepper, nutmeg, red beans, and kluwek, which give the sauce a dark color. Konro is also one of the famous culinary from Makassar and is best eaten with ketupat.

  1. Barongko

This dish is a typical dessert of the Bugis Makassar region. The essential ingredients are bananas. Bananas are processed into very soft cakes. The banana flesh is mashed with other ingredients such as eggs, sugar, salt, and powdered milk, then wrapped in banana leaves and cooked.

  1. Banana Epe

Epe bananas are also made from bananas, which are types of kepok bananas that are still half-ripe. Kepok bananas are peeled and then burned over coals, turning until fragrant and mushy. Then the bananas are flattened and burned again. After ripe, the bananas are served with a splash of brown sugar and thick durian sauce.

  1. Es Palu Butung

We are more familiar with it by the name of green banana ice, but in Makassar, this mixed ice is named es palu butung. It is very popular inside and outside Makassar. The main ingredients consist of chopped green bananas, marrow porridge, shaved ice, coconut milk, and sweetened condensed milk. 

  1. Gogoso

Gogoso is a typical Bugis Makassar food that is on the menu during Eid. Gogoso is made from glutinous rice roasted in a banana leaf wrapper and is often served with salted egg by Makassar residents.

  1. Pallubasa

Pallubasa is almost similar to Coto Makassar. The difference is, pallubasa uses beef and offal intestine, liver, and beef heart for its contents. The name pallubasa is taken from the Makassar language, pallu means food, and basa means wet. So pallubasa is wet food or soup. This Makassar food is best eaten with rice and the addition of free-range chicken egg yolks.

  1. Mie titi   

Mie titi is a unique noodle dish. If noodles are usually chewy food, Mie Titi is a crunchy noodle dish. Thin-sized noodles are fried until dry, then served with a thick gravy filled with seafood, meat, vegetables, and special spices. It tastes savory and sour because it is usually given a complement of lemon slices to be squeezed on top of the noodles. This typical Makassar cuisine is common at night.

  1. Juku pallu ce’la

Juku pallu ce’la is a typical Makassar food made from fish. The types of fish used are skipjack, kite, boku, and tembang. The fish is seasoned with spices such as salt and turmeric, and then the fish is cooked until the spices are completely absorbed into it.

  1. Palekko Duck

Palekko duck instead uses duck as its primary raw material. Duck palekko in Bugis language means to cook the duck in a pot. In Makassar some use chicken as their raw material. Makassar culinary is famous for its spicy taste and rich in spices.

  1. Grilled milkfish

The famous Makassar food is a grilled fish dish. There are many types of grilled fish in this city, but the most common is grilled milkfish. Fresh milkfish grilled with simple spices. Because the condition of the fish is still fresh, so the taste of the food is delicious.

  1. Kapurung

Kapurung is a traditional food in the Luwu area, South Sulawesi, better known as pugalu. This typical Makassar food is made from sago cooked like meatballs and served with peanut sauce, a mixture of fish or chicken, and various vegetables.

  1. Buras

Buras or burasa’ has a shape similar to lontong made from rice but with a different shape. Buras is smoother in shape with young banana leaves wrapped. It is served with a sprinkling of dried coconut, sugar, salt, and chili.

  1. Putu Cangkiri

This Makassar special food is processed from sticky rice with a sweet taste shaped like a cup. The sugar used can be granulated sugar or brown sugar. The use of different sugars also makes the color of the putu cangkiri into two types, brown and white.

  1. Jalangkote

Jalangkote looks like a pastel cake. The difference is that this Makassar food is filled with diced carrots and potatoes, complete with bean sprouts and vermicelli. The sour sauce will usually be served with jalangkote to make it more delicious to eat.

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