June 13, 2024

Snap Beautiful Pictures in These 6 Instagrammable Banyuwangi Spots

Source: Unsplash

A number of you may want to visit East Java and wish to locate a spot that has super-duper beautiful all-natural scenery. In that case, then you can visit Banyuwangi for sure.

Within this town, you will find tourist destinations which are already quite famous because of its blue fire events, specifically Ijen crater. Other than that, there are many trendy places which you may go to. You’re able to play on the shore or even watch wildlife more carefully.

To assist you figure out which areas you ought to see while on holiday in this town, we’ve listed many instagrammable tourist attractions in Banyuwangi. If you visit the areas mentioned below, certainly your camera will not be idle since it is possible to get a lot of excellent photos. Let us look at the subsequent trendy Banyuwangi tourist destinations.

  1. Ijen Crater

Beginning from tourist attractions in Banyuwangi that are very popular and eventually become the principal destination of tourists that come here, specifically Ijen crater. Mount Ijen is a volcano that’s still active and is quite near the town of Banyuwangi.

Ijen Crater is quite famous for its natural phenomena in the shape of a blue flame that will look beautiful at nighttime. For that, you ought to plan when seeing in the early hours.

So prepare your camera to catch the super amazing all-natural phenomenon when appreciating its beauty. Following that, you may even take photos of the sunrise in the east end, which is not as striking.

  1. Tabuhan Island

Tabuhan Island can also be among the hottest tourist attractions in Banyuwangi. You can go there by ship that’s leased to cross into Tabuhan Island. The fantastic white sand and offshore coral reefs are the charms of the island. Due to its attractiveness, don’t be shocked if this island is most known as a “hidden paradise” that makes it a perfect place to relax and refresh yourself from the hectic activities. In case you’ve got an underwater camera, then you can take it to snorkel around the area and take images of the beauty of underwater life, such as tiny fish swimming between the corals.

  1. Green Bay

The town of Banyuwangi is similar to endless saving countless rather lovely tourist attractions. Among those natural beauties that you can see right in this town is Teluk Hijau or Green Bay, a tourist place at Banyuwangi on a shore with green seawater.

The green sea water is located on the coast of the shore, then at the center, the colour changes to glowing blue. Together with white sand, then you may certainly easily take a few cool photographs here.

Do not forget to bring more clothing, because with this shore swimming is allowed. The waves from Green Bay are rather safe, but you still must be cautious, because nature can’t be predicted.

  1. Benculuk Bureau

Benculuk Bureau is one tourist attraction in Banyuwangi filled with trees and has recently become more and more popular among tourists. Why? Because you can feel the atmosphere of The Lord of the Rings movie.

The enormous variety of trembesi trees were used to become infiltration regions handled by Perhutani Banyuwangi eventually. But in reality, these trees make this area very exotic to develop into a tourist place.

If you would like to acquire a wonderful photograph here, you need to arrive on the day where the sun enters through the branches of this tree. It is cool, and you may even use this location to get pre-wed photos.

  1. Boom Beach

Well, here’s a tourist place in Banyuwangi that is famed for its beautiful scenery. Formerly this shore was a vent. Then this area is becoming increasingly packed with local visitors to overseas tourists.

Here you can find a shape photograph facing the sunset after the sea at the west. Not just that, it is also possible to present on the swings readily available on the shore. Guaranteed, you can acquire Instagrammable photographs that bring a lot of likes.

When you’re done sightseeing, then you can relax in the gazebo on the coast of Boom shore.

  1. Pulau Merah Beach

There are beaches in Banyuwangi, which are the destination of several overseas tourists due to the nice waves that are available for surfing. One of them is Pulau Merah Beach. Besides the thrilling waves, this beach also includes white sand using a stretch of about 3 km. This tourist place in Banyuwangi also provides exciting activities apart from browsing. A number are snorkeling, fishing, climbing mountains, playing in the sand, and of course taking photos.

Prepare Your Camera

This list of tourist attractions in Banyuwangi you have to visit with spouses, friends, or loved ones. Everything provides cool history to be submitted in your own IG account. If you would like to cross to Lombok, do not skip the finest beaches in Lombok.

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