May 19, 2024

How to Calculate Body Mass Index: Normal Range

BMI or body mass index is a way to measure the fat content in the body based on the height and weight of the person. Read on to know more about how to calculate the BMI and what is the ideal range.

As the name suggests, the Body Mass Index or BMI is an indicator of your health condition. It is vital to understand the BMI and how it can affect your health. Many healthcare experts’ advice maintaining the normal BMI range to ensure that you live a healthy and long life. If you are not sure about what BMI is, here is everything you must know.

What is Body Mass Index?

Body Mass Index or BMI is a measurement of an individual’s weight in proportion to their height. In other words, the BMI measures the body size by considering the individual’s height and weight. By knowing your BMI ratio, you can know if you have excessive body fat for your height or if you are healthy.

The BMI is an indicator of the total body fat in your body. The science behind the BMI is that the taller the person is, the more tissues they have, which means they tend to weigh more than those who are shorter.  In most cases, the BMI correlates the individual’s total body fat, which means higher the BMI fat, higher the fat content in their body.

So, the results on the BMI calculator will give you a fair idea whether you are in the normal range, you are overweight or you are underweight. If your BMI ratio is in the normal range, it means that you are healthy. However, if your BMI ratio indicates that you are overweight or underweight then you may be at risk of developing health complications.

How is BMI Calculated?

Calculating the BMI is easy. You can know your BMI by using an online BMI calculator. You simply must enter your personal details like age, height, gender, and weight and the calculator will give you the results instantly.

The BMI is calculated using a mathematical formula, which can be put as –

BMI = weight (in kg) / square of the height (m2)

Let us understand the BMI calculation with an example.

Let us assume your height is 1.65 metres and the weight is 68 kgs, then according to the formula, your BMI is 24.98

What is the ideal BMI range for women and men?

For adults, the ideal BMI range must be between 18.5 and 22.9. If your BMI falls under these numbers, you can be certain that you are healthy. Let us know more about the BMI classification.

BMI is lesser than 18.5

If your BMI ratio is 18.5 or lesser then it means you are underweight and you may be at risk of developing health complications because of the low body fat levels. So, to ensure that your BMI increases, you must consult your doctor or dietician to help you chart a proper diet so that you can increase your weight.

BMI is between 18.5 and 22.9

If your BMI falls between these numbers, it means you are healthy. Many healthcare professionals worldwide have corroborated that this is the normal BMI range.

BMI is between 23.0 and 24.9

If your BMI reads between these numbers, it is a clear sign that you have excessive body fat and are overweight. In such cases, you must try to lose some weight by altering your diet and indulging in exercise to improve your health.

BMI is 25.0 and above

If your BMI is 25.0 or above, then you are obese and are heavily overweight. In other words, it means that you are at a higher risk of developing health complications and you must immediately seek professional help and try to lose weight.

Now that you are aware of what BMI is and the normal BMI range for adults, make sure that you check your BMI periodically and take appropriate steps to maintain it in a healthy range and life a healthy life.