May 19, 2024

From Tradition to Innovation: Turkish Towels

Our country is popular for Manufacturing Turkish Towels around the world. The Turkish Towel Culture has emerged as a result of combining the traditional habits of the Turks and the manufacturing possibilities of Anatolian geography. Today, Turkish Towels occupy an important place in both our daily and industrial lives.

Motto Peshtemal is a Wholesale Turkish Beach Towel Manufacturer, and it is based on Denizli, which has 7000 years of textile history.

The history of the Turkish Towel dates back to the 1600s. The need for towels, peshtemals, and bathrobes arose with the Turkish bath, which is a part of Turkish culture. Denizli stands out on manufactured towels in Turkey, and It has a deep-rooted history in the production of Turkish Beach Towels, Peshtemals, and Bathrobes and Bath Towels. This city is at the top in terms of the patent, branding, and production volume.

The Place of Motto Peshtemal, which a wholesale Manufacturer in The World Market

Motto Peshtemal is a shining star of the Towel Manufacturing worldwide sector. Our products catch attention with their absorber,fast-drying, and stylish designs. Also, they are 100% cotton and are sold in bulk. 

Harmony Beach Towel is the best product of Turkish Beach Towels Collections 2021

Motto Peshtemal offers you a towel-down experience perfectly. Turkey supplies 70% of the world market, and Motto Peshtemal undertakes most of them. Here is one of the prominent products of this summer; Harmony Beach Towel.
Harmony Turkish Beach Towel, which dries easily and quickly owing to its unique texture, stays dry more than an ordinary beach towel. It is a candidate to be your best beach towel. It can wrap your body without any effort. Moreover, It is only 300 gr.! Motto Peshtemal is waiting for you with a variety of product scales.

Inspired by the harmony of colors in nature, Harmony Beach Towel has a lively design. Woven 100% from high quality cotton and dyed with harmless material; Harmony Beach Towel is soft as grass, durable as rocks, absorbent as soil, and thin as leaves. Harmony Beach Towel will brighten your holidays and catch everyone’s eyes at beaches, pools, yachts, spas, hammams, and gyms.

Additional information

Contents %1OO COTTON
Yarn Type Warp 20/1 – Weft 20/2 – RING SPUN
Weight 300 GR
Size 100 x 180 cm
Features Wide colour spectrum, High Quality, Softness, High Absorbency
Usage Beach, Spas, Hotels, Pools, Yatchs and Baths