May 20, 2024

Do You Require to Rent a Wheelchair Van for a Brief Period?

A wheelchair-accessible van offers long-term transportation options to individuals who use mobility devices. Yet what happens if you’re just briefly utilizing a mobility device due to a back, leg, or hip injury? Does it make sense to lease a wheelchair van for flexibility during a short-term recovery?

You ought to think about these variables when establishing if your temporary problem warrants a modified van.

  • Do I have help available?

An available vehicle allows you to drive wherever you wish to go without any person there to help you enter as well as exit the automobile. If you cope with somebody that can drive you anyplace you need to go with the next couple of months, you wouldn’t need to have your own accessible vehicle; you can enter and exit in your mobility device. Instead, your family member or friend can fill your wheelchair into the trunk for you.

  • Can I make use of props or a pedestrian?

Also, if you utilize a mobility device a lot of the moment, are you able to occasionally get around making use of a walker or props? If so, you can drive a non-upfitted automobile as well as store your wheelchair in the trunk, jumping from the rear of the vehicle to the vehicle driver’s seat utilizing a walking help.

If you can’t put any kind of weight on your legs and need to remain seated in a mobility device, you must think about renting a customized van.

  • How crucial are my travel needs?

Although the freedom of driving anywhere you desire whenever you want is appealing, it isn’t always necessary. If you’re just using a wheelchair for a short time, can work from residence, can take short-term special needs to leave from a job, have friends and family check out you in the house, as well as can carpool when you run tasks, you might not need to rent a van during your healing.

What does a rented wheelchair vehicle contains?

  • Reduced floor as well as elevated roof system boosts interior clearance, making moving from a mobility device or mobility scooter into a car unneeded.
  • Vehicles are developed so that the passenger may remain in his/her wheelchair or scooter, so the mobility device does not have to be stowed.
  • Mobility device or Scooters are protected with a 4-point collision checked securement system.
  • With keyless remote entrance, a mobility device customer is securely inside a car within seconds.
  • Available vans that are chauffeur systems have irreversible hand controls as well as appropriate crash tested transfer seats.

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