July 22, 2024

Selecting Tv Units For The Culture Rich Indian Homes

The evolution that the television sets have undergone in the past two decades is astounding. From a bulky box-type appearance to a slim and sleek wall-mounted unit, the design of the TV has witnessed a beautiful transformation. This flat-screen entertainment tool is now a lifestyle statement and so is the television cabinet or TV unit. It is an integral element both for its purpose and aesthetics. A TV unit protects the television, enhances the viewing experience, and provides storage space for various multimedia accessories. 

The culture-rich Indian homes showcase a rich heritage both in their value systems as well as in their prized possessions. Indian houses exude elegance and vibrancy in their furnishings. The living room decor revolves around functionality and aesthetics equally. Today, tradition integrates with modernity when it comes to the choice of furniture. The decor and seating arrangement in the Indian living room is primarily based around the TV unit. So, here’s how you can choose a creative and functional TV cabinet that blends with the cultural decor of your home:

Go Lean on the Appearance

There are two broad categories when it comes to TV cabinets. They are wall-mounted and floor TV units. A wall-mounted construction offers a storage solution on the wall. It makes your room clutter-free and spacious. The modern and sleek design of these cabinets are best suited for compact living spaces. On the other hand, a floor TV unit utilizes ground space effectively. It offers a lot more storage options with multiple utility features. It is ideal for blending aesthetics with functionality. 

The theme and décor of the room along with your preferences play an important role in selecting a TV unit. From TV units to sofa, Wakefit provides innovative home solutions that cater to the diverse needs of Indian households. They have an array of exclusive wall mounted as well as freestanding floor TV cabinets. The Gotham wall-mounted TV unit features in a dark walnut hue to strike a contrast with light-coloured walls. They enhance the richness and elegance of Indian living rooms seamlessly. The large storage spaces in the TV unit is an added advantage to organize things. 

Choose the Right Material

A TV cabinet is also an important asset like any other furniture in the living room. So, investing in high-quality material is going to pay off. Wood is always a classic choice when it comes to blending with the decor of the Indian homes. Solid wood adds texture and warmth to your living room. The painted and textured wood finishes best suits your home’s aesthetic. 

Sturdy engineered wood can be the perfect material to endure the weight of the TV in case of a floor TV unit. Wooden TV cabinets are durable, easy to maintain, and stain-resistant. Wiping it regularly with a soft cloth will give your wooden TV unit a brand-new look for the innumerable years to come. The finest quality of engineered wood structured in a beautiful design with utility features can thus be your ultimate choice for a TV unit. 

Get a Clue with the Features

Storage solutions are an integral part of TV cabinets. It allows you to store magazines, newspapers, remote controls, and other electronics. Slots for multimedia items help you organize CDs and DVDs. There are holes for wiring in the TV cabinets that help you keep the wires untangled. Decorative accessories can also be displayed on the shelves of the TV unit. It helps enhance the décor of your living room and keeps it organized as well. 

Enhancing the functionality along with the right balance of style makes the TV cabinet a perfect choice for your needs. The Dexter TV unit manufactured by Wakefit is one of its kind with 8 open compartments and drawer space. Fancy figurine collections, decorative indoor plants, or any artistic collectables that reflect your décor of the living room can be ideally displayed. The easy to assemble DIY installation procedures helps design the living room in your style. 

A TV Unit to Suit your Lifestyle

Meeting the requirements of your family is also an essential concern while choosing a TV cabinet. For instance, it is quite risky to buy a TV unit with glass doors, if you have small children at home. Similarly, it should provide good cable management features to organize cords and wires so that the children do not trip and fall over them. The height of the TV unit should be comfortable for all ages to provide a good viewing experience. It should also complement the traditional or modern décor of your home. The television and the TV cabinet have become an integral part of all living rooms. A wooden TV unit is the right choice for Indian families to enhance their décor of the home. It brings about a perfect balance between style and utility. It also enhances comfort as well as provides safety and durability. Thus, wooden TV furniture in innovative styles and colour tones is the right investment that you can make for your lifetime.