April 13, 2024

Get best return on your scrap catalytic converter

As the pollution is increasing by leap and bound most of the countries across the globe have made it mandatory to have catalytic converter on the vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, buses, trains, motorcycles and planes. The catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device which reduces toxic gases and help to control the pollution caused by the vehicles. Surprisingly PGMs (platinum group metals) act as a great catalyst reactor and are widely used to build catalytic converter. With each passing year the demand for vehicles are increasing and so does the demand for precious PGM is also at constant rise to build catalytic converter. If you are wholesale or non-wholesale scrap catalytic converter suppliers then you can earn handsome amount with reliable catalytic converter refining partner.

Is a decat a feasible choice?

The straight solution in most cases is no. Many petrol-heads around decide that the catalytic converter is creating a serious blockage within the exhaust system that requires to be gotten rid of and as a result delete the cat from the system altogether, changing it with a straight pipeline. Although this will ramp up the quantity of your powertrain and possibly squeeze out a few more horses from your engine, in most countries, driving an automobile without a catalytic converter is regarded illegal.

Do proper research

Catalytic converter refining industry is booming hence you can get list of numerous companies online. But not all the companies offer commendable services and good return. For getting best value for your product invest little time and consider certain factors as a slightest difference can make huge difference in your return

  • Check the license and the authenticity of the company
  • Ensure the company is equipped with appropriate machines and latest technology
  • Offer competitive rate to both wholesale and non-wholesale suppliers
  • Check the services offered such as refining sues, per piece grading, storage solution, etc.
  • Maintain transparency while providing comparative count, a complete weight report, a weight breakdown and a verified sample and analysis
  • Share the assay report inclusive of the weight reconciliation, test results and refining date

Promote good environment

Reliable catalytic converters and foil converters process both foil combined with your ceramic lot, or separately as a foils-only lot in their own facility. Avoid accumulation of waste on the landfill and encourage refining of the precious metals. Production of PGM is a time-consuming process and it causes damage to the earth hence recycle the catalytic converters and protect nature.