July 22, 2024

Getting divorced in Ohio: Things to know

If you and your spouse want to alter your current marital status, you have three options – divorce, legal separation, and dissolution of marriage. Taking a decision with regards to your divorce is never easy, and it makes sense to check all the options, especially if you have a minor child involved. Talking to an experienced Perrysburg family lawyer can help in protecting your rights and interests. In this post, we are sharing all the options that you can consider. 

Reviewing the options

  • The first option is legal separation, where you do not legally end the marriage, but can arrange for everything else. This may include spousal support, parental rights, child custody, and other things like property division. Your spouse will remain your spouse legally, but you don’t stay together and must follow the orders of the court. The steps are similar to that of filing a divorce. 
  • Ohio also offers the choice of dissolution of marriage, where two parties decide to terminate their marriage by mutually consenting for the same. There is no need to hold your spouse at fault, and all other legal and financial aspects will be decided and agreed upon through a separation agreement. The court has to be satisfied with the petition for dissolution of marriage, following which an order will be passed.  
  • The eventual and final option is divorce, which is a civil lawsuit for ending the divorce. If you are the plaintiff, you should file a complaint with the clerk, following which a copy of the complaint will be served to your spouse. 

Do you need a lawyer?

Yes, when it comes to altering your marital status, you should consider contacting an experienced family lawyer, who will guide you through the process. Sometimes, couples do agree to things and come to a mutual arrangement, which is the easier way out. However, in case things don’t go as planned, you need a lawyer who can protect your interests and take an aggressive approach where needed. Your lawyer is your biggest asset in ensuring that you don’t lose your rights as a parent or a spouse. Division of assets, child custody, spousal support, child support are some of the things that you will discuss in depth with your lawyer, who will suggest the best way to resolve things and come to an agreement with your spouse. 

Check for top lawyers in Ohio now and do ask for their advice when you meet them for the first time.