June 13, 2024

Tips to maximize space in your home

Whether you have just moved into the new home or have been living at the same place for 10 years, families, couples, or solo homeowners experience moments of change with their dream home. Time changes, things change, and so do your taste as a homeowner. But one thing that stays constant over time – is your need for more space at your home.

As the family expands and needs to evolve, your current storage cabinets seek new partners to make space for new stuff, moments, and memories. But how you can expand storage without constantly shifting places or replacing furniture? Well, we have clever ways and easy tips to help you expand your storage space to make your home feel fresh, spacious, warm, and welcoming.

Let’s get started!

1. Make your foyer function

From seeing off your kids to school, reaching for the keys and shopping bags on your way to the supermarket to welcoming guests to your home, a lot goes on at the entryway. So, why not make it functional and flexible to attend to your daily space needs? Start by installing hooks to hold bags, coats, and umbrellas in the entryway.

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A chair or a wooden bench to catch your breath after rushing home in a thunderstorm or wearing your footwear comfortably before you head off for work will create a moment of comfort at the entrance of your home.

Add wood storage cabinets to the space and you have storage to keep your footwear or stuff items that often come in handy on your way out.

2. Keep your kitchen easy to cook

The kitchen is probably the busiest room in the entire house. Keep it clean and clutter-free to ensure easy cooking and enjoy company in your kitchen. Vertical shelves are a great way to expand your pantry storage. Install wall storage cabinets to store most-used utensils and ingredients. This will free up the space below and on the kitchen counter giving you more room for cooking.

You can go vertical with storage and bring in a small seating to welcome and entertain guests, friends, and family in the kitchen. So, you won’t have to sacrifice the joy and special moments of meeting your loved ones after long just because you have been in the kitchen prepping meals for them the whole time. Also, you can reminisce in the joy of cooking together with your mom, grandma, former roommates, or friends and create new stories and memories together.

3. Make space in the living room

With the enormous sofas, center tables, corner tables, TV units, and art pieces there’s lesser room for people to mingle and live in the living room these days. Adding storage on top of that will kill the pint-sized negative space and the vibes of your living room.

So, when it comes to the living room storage, working smart will take you a long way. The first thing you can do is buy sofas or living room seating with built-in storage. Consider creating a wall-mounted TV unit and use the floor space below for the living room storage cabinet to store the extra stuff.

Choosing multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans instead of corner tables and center tables with drawers will have more space for storage while leaving more free space to welcome guests and everyday family activities.

4. Make the most of your bedroom

A bedroom has become more than just a place to crash. It is the safe abode, a refuge from the world. With the changing lifestyle and our connection with our private refuge, a change in bedroom designs is all we need today.

And it’s easier than you think. Start by re-organizing your closet. Move less used clothes into the under-bed storage and invest in the cupboard for storage. Exchanging an open side table with a small storage cabinet will help you store small and delicate personal items as well as often used stuff such as mobile chargers and stationery.

Instead of keeping a wooden chair or vintage sofa near the window how about bringing in a two-seater with ample storage. This will give you more room to store less used bedding while allowing you to enjoy some me or we time comfortably by the window.

5. Make your home office more productive

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the series of lockdowns, most people turned the corners of their homes into make-shift offices. However, smart storage can help you de-clutter space and improve your productivity.

Invest in some of the stylish file cabinets. Storage cabinets with drawers can hold your work documents, stationery, and electronic gadgets. Choosing quirky colors and stylish design will breathe life into your corner home office.

6. Essential bathroom storage

The story of a bathroom – the first and the last room you visit every day – probably has the worst storage. And the result is cluttered bathroom spaces that make you feel the exact opposite of fresh. Moreover, if you are sharing a bathroom with your kids or other family members, the right storage becomes all the more essential.

Instead of stashing all the stuff in one big storage cabinet consider using open corner shelves and baskets to quickly reach for your hygiene products and brands. A small storage cabinet can turn into a lifesaver by housing your grooming products and electrical beauty appliances keeping those safe when not in use.

Bonus tips for small budgets and interiors

Living in a small space or on a small budget does not have to be the home interior nightmare. Sometimes living in a tight space ensures you only keep what you need saving you from the hassle of constant de-cluttering your home.

As for expanding storage space, you have more room to use your creative skills in small spaces. Turn items like an old bicycle or kitchen utensils into hanging corner shelves. Install wall storage cabinets above the door and buy multifunctional furniture with built-in storage space. This will make your home feel cozy and clean while ensuring smart and enough storage without expanding your budget.

After all, whether it’s home or life, it all depends on how you make more room in the available space. So, worry less, stretch more with smart space management techniques available online at your fingertips. Shop now!