July 14, 2024

Layering Luxe: Pro Tips for Achieving a Maximalist Look in Your Home

Maximalism is all about embracing vibrant colors, bold patterns, eclectic accessories, and lavish textures to create a layered, opulent look. Though it may seem over-the-top, maximalist decor can feel warm, welcoming, and uniquely personal when done right. Follow these pro tips to help you layer pieces for a maximalist home that feels cohesive

Mix Vintage and Modern Finds

The maximalist look often features a blend of new and old treasures. Comb through antique stores, flea markets, estate sales, thrift shops, and your own collections to find special vintage items like artwork, ornate mirrors, or plush upholstered chairs. Integrate your finds with modern luxe pieces like exquisitely embroidered velvet pillows or bright abstract rugs. The fusion creates visual depth and showcases your decorating prowess.

Highlights unique vintage pieces like our Tibetan Tiger Blue Checker Throw Pillow Cover, accented by playful tassels. Pair it with abstract embroidered and fringed pillows for eclectic charm.

Choose Statement Wallpaper

Make the walls sing by adorning them with exuberant tropical prints, Chinoiserie motifs, or Deco-inspired patterns. Wallpaper infuses spaces with vibrant personality while allowing you to change up the look easily down the road. For arresting drama, try the Dark Tropical Palm and Banana Leaves design or opt for whimsical impact with colorful electric blue tropical leaves.

Up the Luxury Factor

Luxe textures like velvet, silk, leather, linen, wool, and polished metals bring tactile dimension while connoting refined taste. Incorporate them throughout via pillows, throws, lampshades and other accents. Try a Wild Flower Velvet Lampshade paired with our Sago Cycas Panthera Velvet Throw Pillow. The combination exudes exotic richness. It is one of the easiest ways available to enhance luxurious elegance at your home.

Embrace Bold Color and Pattern

A maximalist designer fully embraces color and isn’t afraid to pair bold brights with equally vivid patterns. Contrasting motifs like animal prints, plaids, and florals heighten the energy and flair. Make a statement with the Tibetan Tiger design on vibrant blue checker or opt for the multi-pattern Hand Drawn Chinoiserie Animal pillow.

Layer Lighting

Employ an array of floor lamps, sconces, chandeliers and table lamps to spotlight decor. Mix different heights, sizes, materials, colors and lampshade shapes for ambiance that seduces the eye. Sculptural lighting like a grand oversized drum pendant over a dining table can serve as a focal point while vintage lamps lend character throughout.

Incorporate Greenery

Lush potted plants and spectacular floral displays underscore the motif of abundance in maximalist decor. Strategically place plants of varying sizes and leaf shapes to create an indoor oasis. For exotic allure, adorn tables or floor corners with palm trees, banana trees, cycads and other tropical varieties.

Show Off Collections

Display your fine China collections, art books, travel souvenirs, or unique decorative items like musical instruments or bird cages. Maximalists revel in surrounding themselves with beloved items that tell a story. Illuminated shelves, curio cabinets and tall bookcases keep collections organized so they enhance — not overwhelm — the decor.

Add Global Inspiration

Fold eclectic pieces from across the globe into your maximalist decor for exciting multicultural elements. Try a hand-shaped engraved Buddha rug for spiritual calm, detailed Suzani embroidered pillows from Uzbekistan, or an intricately carved Balinese mirror. Such exotic additions embody far-flung adventure.

The maximalism trend beckons you to embrace rich colors, patterns, textures along with cherished collections and works of art. Layer thoughtfully for a palace-worthy look that overflows with visual delights yet still feels personal and welcoming. Our selection of globally inspired luxe home accessories makes it easy to achieve this vibrant look on any budget or room aesthetic. Just have fun and don’t hold back!

Author Name : Ali Riley