May 19, 2024

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Handmade Large Rugs from Our Houston Rug Store. The House of Rugs.  

Handmade large rugs are a timeless complement to any decor. They not only provide comfort and warmth but also add a sense of luxury and elegance. At The House of Rugs, we have a wide range of handmade large rugs that are not only gorgeous but also responsibly sourced and built from high-quality materials.  

This article by experts from our Houston Rug Store discusses some compelling reasons why you should consider our handmade large rugs. You can visit our website and select a rug from our large assortment of wide rugs, call us for more information, or even visit our store. We have the best rugs in Houston. Now let’s read through and learn why handmade large rugs from our Houston Rug Store are worth your consideration!

Reasons Why You Should Consider Handmade Large Rugs from Our Houston Rug Store

  • Our handmade large rugs have a story behind them and are quite unique. 

Handmade rugs are distinctive and have their own stories. A handcrafted rug’s colors, patterns, and materials can all tell their own tale. For example, a wool rug may convey the narrative of a nomadic tribe that depended on sheep for existence, or a rug with exquisite floral themes may tell the story of an ancient civilization that valued nature. Even the process of making a rug can be used to convey a story, with particular techniques handed down for centuries. Overall, the appeal of a handmade rug is not only its physical look but also the story that it conveys. It is a monument to human inventiveness and workmanship. 

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  • Handmade large rugs are customizable.

Choosing to equip your city house with handmade rugs allows you to pick the ideal pattern for each space. Our rugs can be customized to any client’s needs whether they want a specific design, color, or particular size. Call our Houston Rug Store today with the specifications and we will proceed to prepare your order as per your specifications.

  • Our handmade large rugs are made with care and precision. 

Each handmade rug from our Houston Rug Store is a one-of-a-kind artwork. These rugs are often made by artists who have perfected their skills through years of experience and rely on cultural traditions to produce patterns that represent their history.  These rugs are frequently made by hand-knotting or hand-weaving every single piece of wool or silk, with special attention spent on color, texture, and design. As a consequence, the rug is not only gorgeous, but it also conveys a tale about different cultures and origins. Additionally, many of these carpets are manufactured using natural plant dyes, which give them a rich, organic character that synthetic colors cannot recreate. Each rug may take weeks, months, or even years to finish, as the artist carefully weaves each thread into place. When you acquire one of these one-of-a-kind rugs, you are not only getting a floor covering; you are also bringing a work of art into your house that has been crafted with skill, passion, and attention to detail.

  • Handmade rugs are resilient and rise in value with time. 

Handmade luxury rugs can transform your city house into a mini-design museum. Both of our ancient and modern rugs by renowned designers have inherent and artistic worth, making them comparable to works of art. These carpets are resilient and some even appreciate in value over time due to scarcity

  • Handmade large rugs add an essence of luxury to your home. 

Handmade large rugs offer a luxury touch to any decor. They express the homeowner’s taste and personality, including style and character. A handcrafted large rug is an excellent statement item. These rugs are prepared piece by piece symbolizing luxury for anyone owning them. Some rugs take as much as months and years to complete. 

  • The handmade rugs are eco-friendly.

Handmade rugs are much more environmentally friendly than machine-manufactured rugs. This is because they are made from natural, biodegradable, and renewable materials like wool and cotton. Furthermore, handmade rugs do not need energy or other resources like machine-made carpets do, making them a more environmentally friendly option for your house.

  • Handmade rugs are made of high-quality materials.

Handmade rugs are made using high-quality materials that are carefully chosen for their durability and beauty. The Rugs House’s handmade rugs are constructed from high-quality fabrics including silk, wool, and cotton, all of which are noted for their toughness and endurance. Unlike machine-made rugs, handmade rugs are made with care and attention to every detail, giving rise to a product that is both attractive and long-lasting.

Have these reasons compelled you to get a handmade large rug for your house today? Visit our Houston Rug Store today and get to see the variety of our handmade rugs.

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Handmade large rugs from our Houston Rug Store will not only brighten your space but also illuminate the ancient weaving tech and add a sense of luxury. So, what are you waiting for? Visit The House of Rugs in Houston, TX, today and get to enjoy our variety of rugs. We have served thousands of clients across Houston, Sugarland, Katy, Richmond, Spring, The Woodlands, Galveston, and The Greater Texas area.