May 19, 2024

3 Critical Signs Your Solar Inverter Needs Repair ASAP

With renewable energy becoming more and more accessible and affordable, there’s no doubt that more people and businesses would invest in them. Solar power is especially noteworthy, with solar energy panels being made more durable without them being overly expensive and yet still being as efficient as possible. This means that solar energy systems are now more reliable and longer-lasting than they used to be; they’re built to last for at least ten years with as few problems as possible. Of course, that’s in ideal situations. 

Even with the occasional bump in the proverbial road, such as having a panel replaced because it’s cracked, any solar power array is worth the investment. That’s not to say nothing really serious could go wrong. You may monitor the system and clean it occasionally, but that’s the extent of what you can do. When you need something such as solar inverter repair or replacement, how can you tell? Here are some signs to keep an eye out for. 

There’s No Error Code

Every solar power system has a control panel or screen that will help you monitor the system’s operations. It’s a similar case with the inverter, with LEd error codes or else operating lights that will tell you if there’s a problem. If you see neither one, there’s a potentially serious problem. 

Since Australian standards require inverters to shut off whenever there’s a blackout, that could be what’s causing the inverter to malfunction. So check to see that there’s still power throughout your house. If there is, that means there’s no blackout and it may simply be time to replace the solar inverter. 

Power Cycling Has No Effect

Computers – whether desktop or laptop – may freeze or get stuck sometimes. A solar power system can go through something similar, and this may cause the solar power inverter to appear as if it’s malfunctioning, at the very least. If you suspect this may be what happened, get your manual and follow the instructions to initiate a power cycle, which is the solar power system equivalent of rebooting a computer. 

If your inverter works properly after power cycling, then you can relax. If it doesn’t, however, it’s time to schedule repair or replacement.

Circuit Breakers are Fine

There’s another way you can determine whether or not there’s something wrong with your solar power inverter, and it involves checking your home’s switchboard and then locating the solar power system’s circuit breakers. Make sure they’re in the “on” position and do the same for the switches on your inverter – especially the AC and DC isolators. If something’s been switched off, simply switch it back on. 

If a switch or two turning off is the cause for the inverter malfunctioning, it should work fine once they’re turned on again. Otherwise, there’s something more to the problem and it’s best that you call a professional. 

It’s clear to see that you’ll have to do some troubleshooting when trying to find out what’s wrong with your solar power inverter. Crucial as they are, the most important thing is not to panic. That way, you can see if the problem calls for a simple fix or will need more work courtesy of a solar panel technician. If you’re looking for someone who can handle solar inverter repair for Sharp in Australia, you can visit this page for more information.