July 22, 2024

The Advantages Of Hot And Cold Inverter Air Conditioning When Selling To A Customer

Hot and cold air conditioning, in turn, has the same operating process as a cold-only appliance. The equipment removes the heat from the place to cool the environment, cools the air, and returns a lower temperature to the room. In Heat/Heat mode, the equipment reverses the circuit.

Its technology can use external heat, even at low temperatures, to heat the air and pump it into the room. The hot and cold air conditioning keeps precisely the temperature you want on the remote control, keeps your comfort, and distributes the warm air evenly in your room.  

  •       Cleaner And Healthier Air

Winter is also known as a season of respiratory illnesses and allergies. So your customer might like this information: hot and cold air conditioning can help prevent these problems from developing. The device has a filter capable of removing dust and microorganisms from the environment, such as bacteria and molds and molds, which cause pathologies during cold weather. Thus, hot and cold air conditioning makes the air in your environment much cleaner and healthier. One more advantage to present to your customer is that cleaning this filter is very simple.

  •       Control Of Air Humidity

In times of heavy rain or high humidity, mold and mildew are standard on the walls. In addition to harming the integrity of the site, they are also harmful to health. Excessive humidity is also responsible for causing that uncomfortable feeling of suffocation.

That’s right: some models of hot and cold air conditioning come with the Dehumidification or Dry function. It maintains the quality and comfort of the environment, according to your preference and needs. To prevent these microorganisms from forming, the suggestion is to keep the humidity between 40 and 60%.

  •       Saving Is Possible

This is a part that every customer likes and cares about: economy! And the benefits are many. Right away, the consumer can already look for an inverted model. This constant compressor rotation technology does not cause spikes in energy consumption.

Inverter equipment has the Procel A seal for energy efficiency. Therefore, the Hot and Cold Inverter Air Conditioners are more economical than the traditional ones. You can also explain to the customer that Heating Mode and Cooling Mode consume about the same energy.

Secondly, the hot and cold air conditioner is a 2-in-1 type: heat or cool in one piece of equipment. That is, you don’t need to buy an air conditioner to use in hot seasons and a heater for frosty days.

Third, show him what other hot and cold air conditioning features will help him save on his electricity bill. For example, the Sleep mode, which increases by 1°C for each certain time of use. Or even Timer mode, which schedules the equipment to turn off at any time he wants. Let him know that repairs should be done by best company near me and professionals.