May 19, 2024

How Dental Implants Boost Facial Look and Confidence?

Tooth loss can badly impact your ability to eat foods you adore. Nevertheless, your mental health can also suffer. A majority of people with missing one or more teeth feel less confident than they actually were. It is due to the space that flashes as they smile. Some even lose their confidence with fear or embarrassment to smile when they are in public because of their dentures.

Dental implants are the best solution to their oral issue. The implants are designed to enhance their overall oral health. It helps them eat any food and keep their jawbone strong. What about aesthetics, especially when you are going to replace one or several missing teeth. Fortunately, you will enjoy well-boosted confidence and other benefits.

Lifelike restorations

At Orion Dental in Cypress, you can make appointments for pediatric, cosmetic, family, and emergency dentist services. The team has more than 30 years of experience in helping patients maintain oral health and sustain beautiful smiles with the dental implant procedure. The dentures, crowns, and bridges cover the implants.

Materials used to design resemble natural tooth enamel. The shape, color, and size are designed with care to complement the facial aesthetics perfectly along with remaining natural dentition.

Implants are invisible

Dark titanium alloy is commonly used to create implants. Once the implants are set below your gum-line they virtually disappear. One possibility is that a clue of alloy color may be revealed through gum tissue. Some patients choose zirconia implants for better aesthetics because they are white and invisible.

Maintain facial shape

Tooth Extractions: How Bone Grafting Works: Chester Family Dentistry:  General Dentists

After a tooth loss, the process of bone reabsorption in the jaw starts. It means the body recycles and bone is repurposed. Ultimately, reabsorption reaches a point where a facial shape is affected. Your face looks small and sunken.

The implants replace the roots of the tooth and keep the jawbone stimulated. Thus maintains the strength of the jawbone. Bridges and dentures don’t offer bone health benefits like implants. On the other hand, dentures can even increase bone loss. Discuss the implant process and post-care with the dentist to understand what to expect.

No visible attachments

Small metal attachments hold the removable partial dentures in their place. Onlookers can spot them with ease. An implant anchored to a jawbone supports the teeth and there is no need for external attachment for holding them in place.

No embarrassing slips

Traditional dentures are prone to slipping out of place while speaking or eating. Such slips can be embarrassing as well as physically uncomfortable to the wearer. Implant-supported teeth are tightly secured in the mouth and stay in their place tightly all through the day.

Even when you eat, implants offer might bite force like natural teeth. Chewy pizza crust, crisp salad, etc. can be enjoyed with ease. It boosts your confidence when you are having a meal at the restaurant with clients, coworkers, or friends.

Clear speech

Normally, the tongue interacts with teeth to produce clear speech. Therefore, tooth loss naturally impacts certain words. Implants are reliable and solid tooth replacement, which can help to speak with confidence during a crucial work presentation or social gathering.

If you are anxious about the dental implant process then discuss sedation dentistry with the oral surgeon. Bear a smiling face all the time with confidence!