May 19, 2024

Making Homes More Beautiful With Green Plants

Your home is your personal retreat to rest and relax. It is also a welcoming place for your friends and family who come to have a good time. So, when the home means so much to you and people close to you; it should evince that vibe and feel. To make it look more inviting, you will think of changing the furniture, going with modern art decor, decorating the walls with paintings of Piccaso and Hussain, and consulting the best of interior decorators. Indeed, these are the best ways to revamp your home. The finest way to make your home look stunning is to add home plants. Even the interior decorators would advise you about it.

Here are some of the ways in which you can style your home with a plant:

How To Organize Plants: Just adding plant pots into your home won’t suffice. For a visual appeal; you would need to arrange them properly. Create some pattern or silhouette or composition. If you want a cluster of plants together, go with odd numbers like three or five and the same line of plants as it looks quite impressive. Get creative with containers and vases of plants. If possible, pick some exotic varieties like bromeliads and epiphytes. Also, add some fresh cut flowers for colour and beauty. Tulips, Carnations, Calla Lily, Chrysanthemums, Gerberas.

Home Decoration Ideas with Plants:

  • Living Room: A living room or dining area of your house is the focal point. That’s one place where you and your dear ones spend the majority of the time, even more than your bedrooms. So, it has to look fresh and lively. Since the living rooms are quite spacious, you can afford to decorate it with larger plants or plant trees. You also have the liberty to experiment with ideas.
  • In the corners, you can keep plants like Rubber tree, Areca palm, the fig tree in aluminium, copper or those heavy containers.
  • Get decorative panels constructed in the living room out of concrete, stone to make it look like the decorative part of the brick wall. Then, grow or place plants. Succulents, Boston ferns, or Foliage plants are ideal.
  1. Dining Table: In your dining area or living room, if you have a dining table, add glass vases with fresh cut flowers.
  • You can have 5-6 glass vases lined vertically on the table with fresh-cut flowers and leaves.
  • You can also place a glass vase with Lucky Bamboo on the table. It is considered to be auspicious as well.
  • Green Walls: Walls with green plants are in fashion. It is an easy way to add greenery indoors in a spectacular manner. The idea is especially suitable for people who face space issues. Use your walls as the space for plants.
  • Get the entire wall covered with green grass.
  • Fix some wall mounted planters with tiny plants
  • Put wall terrarium plants
  • Hang planter shelf and add potted plants
  • Room or Closet Room: If you have a separate closet room, you can add some plants there. If not in your room, make some space for the plants. Add foliage plants or air-purifying plants as they will give a tropical feel and will keep the atmosphere clean.
  • Just where your closet ends, add decorative planters with pots. Fill the cavity with pebbles.
  • In the room, you can hang plants from the hook.
  • If you have a room balcony, hang plants from the ceiling in glass bottles.
  1. Build Containers: Yes, instead of buying containers, build containers where you want to have plants and let it blend with the interior.
  • Wooden planter in the drawing room
  • Brick planters on the shelves
  • Have a cabinet to have plants and books

Make your abode the live sanctuary of freshness and beauty by adding plants.