July 14, 2024

4 Important Steps for Water Damage Recovery

Unexpected water damage can occur at any time, but being prepared to handle the aftermath gives you a head start should the unthinkable happen. By quickly resolving plumbing repair issues, you ensure that your home has a better chance of recovering from serious water damage as you follow these four important steps. 

Safety First

Safety always comes first when your home has sustained a significant amount water damage. Turning off the power should be your number one priority; however, if you have to stand in or enter wet areas call an electrician for assistance. Likewise, shutting off the water supply to any leaky plumbing that may have contributed to your home’s water damage prevents a potentially minor issue from turning into a catastrophic one. Be sure to wear protective clothing when you reenter your home such as rubber gloves and boots to limit your contact with water that is likely filled with bacteria. Water removal can be done with a wet/dry vacuum, but in most instances, the help of a professional may be required to quickly and safely dispose of stagnant water. 


Cleanup should begin immediately after you’ve been cleared to reenter your home. You can start by removing wet items such as rugs and furniture before determining if you’ll need to discard flooring, insulation or drywall. During this process, you can also sift through smaller items to see if they’re salvageable or if they should be thrown away. Putting important papers into plastic bags then into the freezer is a great way to preserve them. Later, you can retrieve them and use a fan to help with drying or simply allow them to air dry. 

Dry It Out

Drying out your home is another water damage repair step that begins as soon as all of the standing water has been removed. Once your electricity is turned back on, you can use your air conditioner to remove humidity along with floor fans and dehumidifiers that’ll speed up the drying process. Having a technician come out to assess the damage and perform fast drying solutions is the most efficient way to return your home back to its original state. 

Mold Growth

Mold growth is serious and can begin within the first 24-hours that water damage occurs. Taking action quickly might prevent it from forming in some areas. While you’re drying items within your home, put potentially infected items in plastic bags before you carry them through your house to prevent mold spores from spreading. Your quick response to remove what you can reduces the likelihood that you may have to replace carpeting and other types of flooring as well as any smaller items that have been damaged. Seek out the assistance of an expert as a precaution and to remove mold if necessary. Ideal Services offers expert plumbing and water damage repair that’ll help you quickly get your home back to normal.

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