May 19, 2024

How do you become a cosplay photographer

As you can see, there is a continuous increase in the popularity of cosplay which directly increases the rise of cosplay photography.There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind before becoming a perfect cosplay photographer. Let’s dive deeper into those points and pinpoint things that can benefit you.

  1. Build your Network:

In any field of photography, networking is very important and it plays a very important role in growing your career. The best way to build a network is by looking for cosplay meetups in your area on Facebook and connect with some good cosplay photographers like Heidi O’ferrall. She is a Photographer and a Cosplay Star herself. These are usually photoshoots that provide excellent networking opportunities. You should work on your portfolio while still conversing with cosplayers and other photographers. You will make friends with cosplayers from other parts of the country, which is a perfect way to break into a new market.

  1. Do your homework in researching about the character

There are multiple anime characters out there, and there might be cases where you don’t know about the character. In that case, you need to do your research and get yourself acquitted with the style, tone and nature of the character. Asking detailed questions about the cosplay character in order to get the right vibe and feel of the character. This will help you get a true picture of the character and will definitely enhance your skill.

  1. Upgrade your photo editing skills with Photoshop

Cosplayers also dress up as characters from the world of fantasy. If you can find a spot which easily blends with your cosplay’s theme then it’s perfect. But in most of the cases, there would be distraction and a lot of human elements coming between you and cosplayers. This is where it calls for photo editing skills through photoshop, as you have to remove unwanted elements from the pictures.

  1. Upgrade your Equipment

When it comes to becoming a cosplay photographer then make sure you have a good camera, lightning and diffuser to show some magic in your clicks. You need to have a better lighting so that you can cancel the shadow and get a perfect click of the character in any environment. Just a tip, carry extra set batteries so that you are never out of battery when it comes to a busy and long cosplay photo session.

  1. Live the moment and enjoy it

If you want to be a great cosplay photographer, keep this basic rule in mind i.e whenever you do a shoot make sure to have fun and enjoy each and every moment of the scene. Cosplay photography is a jolly type of work and people are wonderful so don’t take everything seriously. Make goofy faces, joke around, and don’t be afraid to act silly. If you do, you’ll almost certainly get some great, real reactions from the cosplayer, which are the best photos.

Finally, these are some of the best ways that can help you in becoming a successful cosplay photographer. Make sure you follow your passion and work on building networks. This is because your network is your net worth.