May 19, 2024

Highly professional removal services in Sydney

The arduous task of shifting entire households and offices cannot be accomplished without mistakes in the absence of professional labour. Professional removalist companies provide expert services to pack and shift goods over both short and long distances. Nuss Removals, based in Sydney, specialises in home and office removals within and around Sydney, locations in other states within Australia and even foreign locations. For expert removals in Sydney- visit

The removal services cover the following kinds of shifting.

Home shifting

Home shifting entails packing and moving all the household goods to the new place of residence. Nuss Removals offers home shifting for all kinds of residence irrespective of whether you inhabit a small studio apartment or a large flat, or a bungalow. The removalists use specialised pieces of equipment to handle heavy and oversized items. Apartments located in high rise buildings pose no problem to the removalists as tools are available to safely shift goods from such apartments.

Furniture, electronic items, kitchen goods, clothes, crockery and all other kinds of household goods are handled with professional care by the expert workmen deployed by the company. Even luxury items such as antique pieces, valuable paintings, jewellery and designer goods can be entrusted to the care of professional workmen. The customers can rest assured that their expensive goods would be delivered safely to the new location.

Commercial shifting

Nuss Removals is well versed in commercial shifting. Thus, Nuss Removals is the best option for shifting corporate offices, shops, businesses and warehouses. All kinds of office items such as workstations, cabinetry, computers, fax machines, files and furniture items are packed and moved with professional expertise. Heavy machinery and other equipment are disassembled, packed and reassembled at the new location by expert workmen.

The moving operations are planned to cater to the requirements of the customers. The aim is to cause minimal disruption to the working hours and accomplish shifting in the minimum possible time. This is the reason why weekend shifting is offered for commercial premises. The removal experts come equipped with necessary documents to get access to even high-security buildings.

Packing and Transportation

High-grade packing materials are used for securing the goods. The most suitable packing materials are used as per the nature of the items to be packed. Packing boxes, cartons, crates, bubble wraps, stretch wraps, thermocol sheets, industrial strength tapes and other kinds of packing materials are used. Special care is taken while packing glassware and other delicate items. Furniture blankets are used to provide extra protection to furniture pieces during transit. Customers can choose to either purchase or rent the packing boxes. The packed goods are tagged and labelled properly for quick identification during unpacking. The expert workmen can be relied upon to pack the goods without making any mistake. Boxes equipped with hangars are used for packing apparels. Trollies are used to shift goods.

Customised trucks and trailers are available to transport the goods. The fleet of specialised vehicles ensures that all kinds of goods are transported without hassles. Large vehicles are also available for transporting oversized goods. The vehicles are well maintained to prevent breakdowns during transit. The number of trucks required depends upon the volume of goods to be moved. In case of interstate removal, Nuss uses railway network.