May 19, 2024

According to (TheRegister) (, over 60% of internet users in Russia use Yandex as their preferred search engine. So if you want to target the Russian market, you need to optimize your website for Yandex.

Although Yandex algorithm may not be as sophisticated as Google, the good thing about the search engine is that it is easy to use. There are several important points you need to know about SEO for Yandex such as:

  • Content quality
  • Geo-targeting
  • User engagement
  • Domain age
  • Meta tags
  • Backlinks
  • Commercial factors
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Indexing time

Content Quality

In Yandex, content quality is assessed by at least two different algorithms. One of these algorithms is the AGS Filter that is responsible for spotting low quality and duplicate content. Sites with low-quality content are pushed out of index.

Thus, if you want to implement Yandex SEO, it is essential that you use the right keywords in your content and make sure that it’s not duplicated. Additionally, you should ensure that your site content reads naturally and meaningfully.


Yandex prioritizes geo-targeted searches. When you enter a search query, it is divided into geo-independent and geo-dependent. For example, if you search for something generic such as how to tie a shoelace, it is regarded as a geo-independent search.

  • Indicate your region in Yandex Webmaster Tools: You have a chance to indicate up to seven regions when you use this tool.
  • Submit your business to Yandex Business Directory: By submitting your business to the directory and filling all the required fields, it becomes easier for people to find your business on the search engine.

However, if your queries are particular to a region then your results will be confined to only that region. To optimize your site for a region, you should indicate the region in Yandex Webmaster Tools.

Understanding User Engagement in Yandex SEO

In Yandex, user engagement plays a critical role in how your site is ranked on the search engine. If users stay long surfing your site, then you will almost certainly rank higher than your competitors.

One of the best ways you can increase user engagement on your site is to reduce the page load time. You should consider compressing images and videos, and also fix issues with your site code.

Domain Age

Domain age is another important ranking factor. Sites with a solid history and reputation tend to rank higher. If you plan to launch a new site, you may consider buying an older domain for it.


As part of your Yandex SEO, you should make sure that your site is mobile friendly. Compared to the past decade, mobile users have grown exponentially. Like Google, Yandex checks how mobile-friendly your site is when ranking it.

  • Keep the design of your site simple and easy to navigate on mobile
  • Make information easy to find on mobile
  • Use large fonts to make your content easy to read

Summary and Conclusion

This guide has explained what Yandex is and how you can go about optimizing your site for the search engine. Always remember to consider the quality of your content, geo-targeting, user engagement, and so on for your Yandex SEO.