May 20, 2024

Dragon Mart Carpet has been able to succeed because it has been committed in support of sustainability. Together with its suppliers and factory, we strive to develop the eco-friendly environment. Our carpets are manufactured using recyclable polypropylene yarns, which are more than 90 percent post-consumer materials. We also use renewable energy whenever possible and have set a goal of 100% renewable power by 2025. Our carpets also reduce water consumption by an average of 25 percent every day by reducing both water usage and energy input compared to an industry standard used for creating many other carpets on the market today.”

Dragon Mart Carpets has been keeping its customers satisfied for more than two decades. Over this period many years, the company’s service and quality has improved significantly which resulted in a winning formula. During that time it achieved attractive market share by offering quality carpets at prices that are quite affordable. Dragon Mart Carpets is user-friendly – you can select your carpet style, size and color online. It’s also easy to install the carpet. Dragon Mart Carpets is a carpet, rugs and flooring store which believes in products made from natural fibers. We believe in creating beautiful pieces to the doorstep of the customers through our outstanding quality and exceptional techniques. We offer a wide range of classic and contemporary carpets, rugs, runners and mats that you can use as decorator items as well as functional furniture.

Hidden Mystery behind Dragon Mart Carpets:

These carpets are semi-handmade using traditional handlooms and come in 9 different color shades. The special hand-woven technique used for these carpets give it an unmatched personality and makes them one of a kind. A carpet’s authenticity comes from its age, the history it has undergone and its manufacturing process. This can all be found in Dragon Mart Carpets. The most important factor that gives a carpet such character is its aging process.

We are dedicated towards delivering quality products to the customers. We are committed to serving our customers with the best quality that they deserve, in terms of comfort, durability, functionality and workmanship. We aim to provide the highest quality carpeting while maintaining a friendly human touch. The secret behind the amazing carpets of Dragon Mart is not just about the size. It’s about the quality, durability and comfort. Dragon Mart Carpets is the biggest manufacturer of Carpets and matting. We are manufacturing a range of high quality products like Carpet, Mosaic carpet and natural stone. We use 100% pure wool yarns and top grade thread in our carpets to give you a royal look without extra cost. These carpets are made from the best quality of raw material, removing all flaws and impurities from it. 

Double you’re Profit with These Tips on Dragon Mart Carpets:

Learn how to sell your goods in the right places, read strategies on how to target buyers, and make sure you get your products out fast. We had a lot of success with Dragon Mart Carpets, as it was the last product that we used. We were able to bag several orders over the course of only six months by submitting estimates and providing pictures of each project. Dragon Mart Carpets Company has brought an amazing carpet range. It consists of different blends of yarn and weaves that have been tested to provide as best fit for your home or office. The double-direction weave increases its durability and also gives a unique look to your property.