February 28, 2024


Savvy boaters see boat storage as a way to keep their boat action-ready for the next boat riding, whether it happens the next weekend or spring. The boat storage method you choose has various effects on the boat. It can affect its bliss, lifespan, its mechanic parts, and its resale value. Remember that you need the most secure storage for your boat since it is not a cheap investment.  Here are the various boat storage options you may want to look into.

Indoor boat storage

Indoor boat storage is great since your boat is safe from outside weather elements like sun, rain, and snow. Extreme weather elements can cause the boat to age fast, making it lose its alluring appeal. Indoor boat storage is also suitable if you want to work on the boat. Storing your boat indoors is also great when you want to keep your boat out of the prying eyes of vandals and thieves. The only drawback is that indoor storage can be inflexible because unless you have an oversized garage, you have to park your cars outside.

Dry racked storage

Dry racked storage refers to a dry boat storage option in a warehouse. These facilities store many boats at a time which are lifted with forklifts and stacked on the racks. They facilitate the heavy lifting to stack your boat on the rack and retrieve it, but you should call ahead. It is a good boat storage option for smaller boats and protects against UV rays, rain, and wind damage.

Boat storage facilities

If you have no space in your garage to store your boat, you can still keep it indoors at a boat storage facility. Indoor boat storage in Henderson is recommended as a convenient storage option during harsh winters since some of these facilities come with climate control. Amenities like drive-up access in boat storage facilities make it easier to drop off or pick up your boat.

Outdoor boat storage

Some people leave their boats to spend the entire down off-hours and down seasons outdoors. This is a good alternative if you live in an area where the weather is relatively mild throughout the year. Outdoor boat storage at a boat storage facility is the cheapest and provides more security than storing your boat in your driveway at home.

Wet storage at a marina slip

Wet storage for boats at a marina slip is suitable for areas where the temperatures don’t fall below freezing. With this storage option, you have to buy a marina slip which is the same as a parking space. Boat slip rates may differ based on your location, but most owners price them depending on the boat sizes. You don’t need to own a boat trailer with this option, and some marina slips offer more amenities. 

A boat lift

A boat lift is a short-term boat storage option at a marina to keep your boat dry and accessible. You can choose between floating, suspending, and bottom-standing boat lifts depending on how deep the water is, if your dock is fixed or floating, and the local climate.

The bottom line

When choosing a boat storage method, consider your location, boat size, type, and the local weather.