May 20, 2024

The Perfect WFH Chair to Ease Back Pain Caused by Prolonged Sitting

An average Indian spends more than eight to ten hours a day sitting at a desk which is a significant amount of time. Despite these long hours of sitting there is very little regard to the chair or its design. That results in back or neck pain which is dull at the beginning can turn into debilitating pain. So, it is essential to look for an ergonomic chair that can not only ease the pain but does not cause it in the first place. However, before you purchase ergonomic furniture online there are many factors to consider knowing which helps you make a perfect choice. 

Features to look for in an Ergonomic Chair for Back Pain

Investing in a good study chair is imperative to ease back pain but despite that people choose substandard chairs as they are unaware of the features to look for. Here are some features that you should look for in a chair for back pain. 

Lumbar Support

The best chair for getting relief from back pain is the one that provides optimal lumbar support. But not all chairs are created equal and hence careful consideration has to be made when buying them. The lumbar support should be adjustable so that it provides enough support to the lower back. Even people with sciatica can get relief from a chair with good lumbar support. The chairs have a shape that helps to achieve the right support to the back and spine. A good chair will have a tilt mechanism that provides support to the spine throughout the day. 

Adjustable Seat Depth and Height

It is essential to have an adjustable depth for your seat so that the thighs get enough support while sitting. To determine if the depth is enough, sit as far back and see if it is comfortable. The seat depth should be such that even if you place a lumbar support pillow it allows you to sit comfortably without hurting the thighs. Most ergonomic office chairs will have a seat slider so that you can adjust the depth of the chair. 

The ergonomic chair that you buy should be height adjustable so that you can adjust the height of your seat. That helps to ensure that the forearms are in sync with the desk and your feet are flat on the ground. If despite having a height-adjustable chair, your feet do not reach the ground use a footrest. 

A Firm Base

Having a secure base that is made of polished aluminium or high-grade plastic ensures that the chair does not slip when you change your posture and the chair is firmly on the ground. If you have a carpet then use a WFH chair that has soft floor castors and if you are on a bare floor then a locking castor ensures that the chair does not slip away. 

Adjustable Armrests

The armrests of a chair are useful in relieving stress from the shoulders. It should be such that it is at an angle of 90 degrees through the forearm. The ergonomic chairs come with adjustable armrests so that the arms remain comfortable close to the body. The armrest top is also movable so that you can sit close to the desk comfortably. 


  • A good ergonomic chair will be made of a fabric that is breathable so that there is enough ventilation to the back and you can sit comfortably on even the hottest days.
  • The seat of the chair should be such that it provides support and comfort despite sitting for long hours. 
  • The padding should be of good quality and of the perfect firmness so that it lasts long and is durable. 
  • The armrests too should be well padded so that there is no stress on the arms when placed on the frame of the chair. 
  • The chair covers should be easy to clean and allows ventilation.
  • If chair covers are used they should be non-slippery. 

Now that you know what factors to consider while choosing a perfect study chair, there are a few other things to do to prevent back pain. It includes:

  • Adjusting the Workspace 

Whether you are in a WFH chair and study table or an office desk it is important to put the chair and the desk at the right height so that you can comfortably work for a long time. Simply having ergonomic chairs will not prevent back pain, placing them at the right height is important. 

  • Find the perfect Eye Level

To determining the resting eye level sit in your chair, close your eyes for a few seconds and open them slowly. Look at the screen or the area where you will be gazing for a majority of the time. If you feel that you are tilting your neck up or down then adjust the height accordingly. This will ensure you do not suffer from any back or neck pain due to the wrong posture. 

  • Keep all objects within reach

Ensure that you have all the office accessories that you frequently use at arm’s reach. That will reduce unnecessary stretching which can lead to strain. Also having everything handy means that you maintain the correct posture and you don’t have to break from the proper posture. If you do not have a big enough table, then buy a Neptune Study Table where you can place all the accessories in one place. 

  • Correct your posture

While buying an ergonomic chair can help in easing back pain, sitting in the correct posture is important. Slouching forward or backward can strain the discs, muscles, and even the ligaments in your back. If that continues for a long time it can lead to stress to the spine and other parts of the body including the arms, shoulders, and legs. Sit close to the desk with your head upright, hands at 90 degrees on the desk, and the feet firmly on the ground. 

  • Exercise

Taking breaks between work, stretching of the muscles can relieve any pains or aches that are caused due to sitting for a long period of time. Doing some relaxation exercise also helps in keeping the mind and body healthy. 

Back pain is the leading cause of loss of productivity as it accounts for most of the leaves by employees. So invest in back health by purchasing ergonomic furniture online. Also, If you are spending a majority of your time sitting then it is important to buy the right office furniture and also adjust your environment and lifestyle. That will ensure that it reduces stress on your back. If you are looking for affordable and high-quality furniture, visit the Wakefit website. They have modern, sleek and cost-effective office furniture ranging from study tables to ergonomic chairs to lumbar support pillows to ease back pain.