June 13, 2024

Synthetic Winch Lines- Top Choice For Towing and Off-Roading 

A winch (wooden or metal-made drum) is very useful equipment especially for towing heavyweight vehicles and off-road riding. However, it is only useful when it is used with the highest quality robust winch line. 

Now, you might be wondering what the winch line is? Well, we are here to explain to you in detail.  

A winch line is simply a rope (generally a steel cable or synthetic rope) that is used with a winch for performing mainly towing tasks. It is wrapped around the drum and unwrapped when it has to perform a towing or heavyweight carrying task. 

Generally, two types of ropes are used with the winch. It includes steel cable and a synthetic winch line. Both steel cable and synthetic winch rope have different characteristics and benefits for being used with the winches. However, a synthetic winch line has become the most popular choice for being used with the winches due to its incredible ability to perform towing tasks with 100% safety. 

Earlier only steel cables were the option for being used with the winches. But in the past decade, with the production and introduction of synthetic winch lines, another option for being used with the winches has emerged. 

Today, synthetic winch lines are the most popular choice for being used with the winches for performing different towing tasks. Let’s know why synthetic winch lines have become a popular choice for being used with the winces. 

Key Features of Synthetic Winch Lines 

Great Tensile Strength- A tensile strength of the ropes is their breaking point. In simple terms, it is the maximum weight lifting and a towing capacity of the ropes. If any rope has greater tensile strength than other rope, that means that rope will be able to carry more weight than other rope. If we talk about synthetic winch lines, it has greater tensile strength than steel cable due to its flexibility feature. 

A Little Stretch- Synthetic winch lines are generally made of nylon or polyester materials. These materials provide a little stretch to the synthetic winch line that helps in controlling the force generated from the pulling and carrying of heavyweight objects. It also makes synthetic winch lines safer for performing different types of towing and off-roading operations. 

Standard Pricing Structure For Synthetic Winch Lines

Synthetic winch lines are comparatively very cheap. You don’t have to spend too much to buy them as you can easily buy a robust synthetic winch line in as low as $25. Here is the standard pricing structure for synthetic winch lines. 

Under $25: If you want to buy synthetic winch lines for ATV and UTV uses, this range of ropes is for you. These are the least expensive winch lines, typically 3/16 inch thick, and have a tensile strength of around 6,000 pounds. 

From $25 to $75: This price range of ropes are light-duty ropes, used mainly with trucks and large UTVs. Their tensile strength remains around 6,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds. 

From $75 to $125: Most synthetic winch ropes come under this price range. These ropes are heavy-duty ropes, around 75 to 100 foot long ropes with premium features of protective sleeves.

Over $125: The premium quality winch lines come under this price range. These ropes have everything that an ideal winch line should have.