June 13, 2024

Questions To Ask Your Live Wedding Band 

No services must be hired without asking relevant questions to the providers. The same goes for music and live bands. Music is a very integral part of wedding entertainment and the right music can set your ambiance. With your theme varying, it is better to communicate with your band to let them know about your expectations. This will only get cleared out if you ask pretty relevant questions. They can be as follows:

How Many Weddings Have You Played?

This will answer you about their professional background. A lesser experienced band might help you save bucks but that isn’t something that is going to set your party’s mood. You will want to have good music to drive everyone off their feet and for that this question is important.

How Many Events Do You Perform in A Day?

This is important for you to know because you don’t want your band to turn up late or exhausted at your wedding venue. Neither do you want them to complete the event at your place and rush to the next gig? You want them to invest quality time with your audience.

Do You Give Trials?

You might research a lot on the internet but nothing beats a live trial show. Only a handful of bands are going to invite you to their live performance and those who do, are pretty confident with what they play. You can effortlessly settle with them for your event day.

What is the Minimum Time for What You Play?

Two or a four-hour gig is the normal thing every band plays for. Knowing this will help you design your budget for the performance. You can also design their performance for a specific duration during the entire event.

Can You Help Me Choose The Best Music?

The band you will be working with will hold a lot of experience and will know songs that you might have never thought about. With their enormous range of music, they can in turn suggest the tracks that best suit certain sections of the wedding event.

How Much Do You Charge?

The live bands generally charge you on an hourly basis and talk with them to clarify everything beforehand. It is wise to ask if any other rates are also inclusive of it.

It is very easy now to book a band in Toronto and getting started to groove to the jam and light up your wedding spirit.