July 14, 2024

How to Recover Photos from a Formatted Memory Card?


Memory cards are small chips which can hold a huge amount of digital data for its users. They make it easy for users to store and share data without affecting the quality of data. Also, the memory cards can be formatted and new data could be stored in them, which makes them reusable. These memory cards can be used with a smartphone, a camera or any other digital device.

All these features explain the perks of using memory cards. However, sometimes, it happens that the users lose data from these memory cards due to various reasons. It could be a really tense situation when one cannot see a way to bring back the lost data.

However, it is possible to recover deleted photos from a memory card. Let’s see how it can be done by a professional Photo Recovery Software

Reasons for deletion of Photos 

Well, there can be various ways due to which one can lose the precious photos saved in the memory cards. To start with, the memory cards get attacked by the viruses damaging the files and its extensions saved in the memory card. There are chances the memory cards can get in contact with moisture, dust or any other environmental hazards which leads to loss of photos. However, the worst is the accidental formatting which deletes each and every file on the memory card. 

What to not do with a formatted memory card?

Nothing! The worst thing which could be done with a formatted memory card is experimenting. Here is what should NOT be done with it:

  • Hit and trial methods to get deleted photos back from the formatted memory card.
  • Putting fresh photos in the formatted memory card.
  • Formatting the formatted memory card again.
  • Keep using the formatted memory card.

What should I do for formatted card recovery?

The best way to deal with a formatted memory card is to use a good software to recover deleted files from memory card be it photo, videos, audios . Here are the features one should be looking for in such a software:

  • Recovery: The software should be able to recover deleted photos, videos, audios so that the consumer can look up to only one software.
  • Restoration: The software should be able to restore photos with its original name, date and time. The software should be able to recover photos not only in its original quality but repair any kind of damages.
  • Formats: The software should be able to recover as many media formats as possible, ranging from common ones to the rarely used ones. 
  • Devices: The software should be able to recover data from different storage devices along with memory cards, cameras, SD card, DSLR, GoPro, laptop, etc.
  • Recover photos in any case: The software should be able to recover photos from devices which are either formatted, corrupt, or encrypted so that the customer doesn’t have to hop between software.
  • User-friendly: The software should be user-friendly and there should be as few steps as possible without any jargon. Like:
  • Select
  • Scan
  • Recover
  • Privacy: The most essential point for a consumer is the privacy of the photos and other data. The software should be able to keep up with that expectation without failing.
  • Free Demo Version: A software should provide a free demo version so that the customer can take an informed decision about buying the software after previewing the photos which are recoverable.

Stellar Data Recovery India is one such software which not only fulfills the said requirements but also offers a few more features to aid the data recovery.

Key Features of using Stellar Photo Recovery

That being said, Stellar Photo Recovery has many more salient features which makes it a preferred choice. Here are those features:

  • Compatible with all brands, type and size of memory cards.
  • Recovers RAW file formats of leading camera brands
  • Recovers raster and vector images
  • Recovers photos with original name, date, and timestamp
  • Two-level scan – Quick and Deep Scan for greater efficiency
  • Recovery of video and audio files is also possible.


The person who has lost data from memory card due to formatting should not do any experiment on the memory card. Instead, the first step should be to download Stellar Photo Recovery Software and follow the three simple steps to get the entire lost data back.