May 19, 2024

Hammer Toe – Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Toes are one of the small parts of the body that have a major role to play. Even though they are small, they can help a person to stand and walk and even carry other activities effortlessly. The deformity in the toe can throw off the body balance and can influence the way we walk or carry out our daily routine. One such toe deformities is hammertoe. 

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Hammer Toe 

One of the toes in your leg will turn into the shape of a hammer because of the pointing up of the joints. This condition is called the hammertoe. This is caused because of an abnormal bend in the bone that connects the joints at the tip of the toe. Visiting a podiatrist will shed light clearly on the issue. 

The proximal interphalangeal joint, or also known as the PIP joint is the main cause of hammertoe because it is this joint that will bend in the abnormal shape in the middle joint. This condition is normally seen in women more than in men. The first four toes, starting from the second toe, is the one that will suffer from this hammertoe. 

Causes of Hammer Toe 

Signs and Symptoms of Hammer Toe - Foot Surgeon

Here are some of the causes of hammertoe. 

  • The first and the main reason for hammertoes is because of wearing ill-fitting shoes for long hours in a day. 
  • Wearing high heels or shoes that have narrow heads will cause hammertoe. The wearing of the wrong kind of shoes or high heels for long hours will cause stress on the heels resulting in improper curling of your toe. Prolonged stiffness and tightness in the toes result from hammertoe. 
  • Wearing wrong shoes and standing for long hours. 


Here are some of the symptoms of hammertoes, as explained by an Orange County podiatrist

  • The toes will start to bend on the upward style slowly. It is non-noticeable in the starting stages. 
  • The appearance of blisters and calluses on the toes, which are quite painful 
  • Difficulty in finding the right fitting shoes 
  • Due to trauma or injury from the accidents 


The severity of the hammertoe will decide the type of treatment that works perfectly for the condition. 

  • Hammertoe in the initial stages can be cured with the help of the proper kind of shoes. Shoes with thick in-pads or insoles are the ideal choice. 
  • The next stage of hammertoe can be cured with the help of over-the-counter medications. 
  • Surgery is the only option for the severe condition of hammertoe. 

Apart from the toenail laser treatment, the podiatrists will suggest the right way of treating the hammertoe issue. Visit one as soon as you start feeling the symptoms and get cured at the initial stages.