April 13, 2024

Amanjiwo: The Most Luxurious Resort in Borobudur-Indonesia

Borobudur is a magnet for vacationers who wish to glimpse past people who want to envision just how life in 9th century Java has been like. This expansive temple receives tons of visits yearly, which requires reasonable accommodation. Among the most luxurious locations, it is possible to remain near Borobudur is your Amanjiwo Resort.

Amanjiwo is essentially the place to stay for VVIP guests and actors who wish to see Borobudur. David and Victoria Beckham decided on this location. Let us glimpse a bit into the lavish world of Amanjiwo Resort.


This hotel is situated near a mountain, overlooking a massive area, for example, a temple. This hotel is 75 minutes from Yogyakarta Airport and 2 hours off from Solo Airport if you travel by automobile.

The hotel also offers an airport shuttle service, employing a helicopter if needed. Borobudur Temple is a 25-minute stroll from the hotel and provides a guided tour, for instance, ancient term to delight in the magical sunrise.


The same as many other luxury resorts, you may enjoy terrific health service. It is possible to anticipate a complete spa using a bit of Javanese heritage. You must try ‘mandi lulur’, the Javanese healing and beauty ritual dating back to ancient times. It is also possible to delight in a Javanese massage that’s aimed to provide healing and relaxation.

Dinner and Events

Aside from offering luxury rooms, Amanjiwo also supplies an intriguing dining experience. You’re able to pick Javanese, black, or Western meals. The restaurant within this hotel employs fresh local produce obtained from neighboring farms. The menu has been updated every day, based upon the lightest part daily.

The hotel restaurant has a unique design. Part of this wall is a row of columns offering opinions of their rice fields.

The Suites

The most important thing about this hotel is its own chambers. In Amanjiwo, there are six kinds of suites, Wi-Fi, outside bathtubs, and a top-notch sound program by Bose. The least expensive option is the Garden Suite (USD730 each night), with an opinion into the farmland and Menoreh Hill.

Amanjiwo is a portion of the Aman Group That boasts over 30 luxury hotels and 21 nations. Amanjiwo is your grand hotel that meets with the needs of Borobudur Temple.

Cultural and historical exploration activities

If you would like to see Borobudur Temple, then you just have to walk for 25 minutes out of Amanjiwo. Other than this, you may even trek and have a stroll from the Menoreh mountains. There’s also Selogriyo Temple in the 8th century that you’ll be able to visit at the base of Mount Sumbing. Many cities around the hotel often hold intriguing festivals and parties. If you are lucky, you may enjoy the local society that’s being exhibited while staying in the hotel.

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