July 14, 2024

All about IVG bars and it’s features

What is an IVG bar?

IVG bar is a vape bar that is quite flavorsome as well as pocket-sized. Many users love it. This vaping device saves people from the hassle of changing pods and purchasing coils. The IVG bar is a perfect vaping device and is suitable for those who want to quit smoking. They want to switch to vaping and make a healthier switch. IVG bar is completely hassle-free and is a great device to use in daily life.

You can take it with you on a night out or when you are out on the move. Since it will be worse for you when the vape device runs out of battery, you turn to cigarettes after forgetting your e-liquid bottle (especially when you can’t stay long without smoking). 

This IVG bar is considered to be a next-generation device that has been developed after years of research.

Characteristics of IVG bar

Some common characteristics of IVG bars are-

    • Ergonomic 
    • Extremely satisfying 
  • Pocket-sized 
  • Instant 
  • Disposable
  • Quite easy to use 

Apart from this, each bar is filled with an award-winning premium e-liquid of 2ml and has an amazing taste. It consists of a 500 mAh battery that can run throughout your day. It consists of organic cotton, food grading, and TPD complaint paired with emission-tested premium e-liquid. 

How long do IVG bars last?

IVG bar is equivalent to thirty cigarettes and can last up to 600 puffs. This device has IVG Nic Salts pre-filled in it that has been created in-house in labs. Salt Nicotine helps effectively to target your cravings and satisfy them with an extremely smooth taste. This device is easy to use since it comes straight from your pocket and is already pre-filled, so you can use it simply, making the device the best in the market. It is available in sixteen mouth-watering flavors. 

Features of IVG bars

The features of the IVG bar includes the following:

  • It is instant to use, which means it can be used instantly after taking it out of the box. 
  • It is preloaded with 2ml award-winning e-liquid. 
  • Can be pre-charged 500 mAh better 
  • Perfect for people who want to make a healthier switch 
  • Contain 2% Nic Salt for having smooth inhalation
  • This device is equivalent to approximately thirty cigarettes. So you get strong and gas hit of nic salts which in a way curbs your cravings. 
  • You can get a familiar taste in different flavors ranging from familiar heavy hitters.
  • Can be Auto draw and has no buttons installed
  • It is MTL Draw 


IVG bars are prepared for people who are usually on the go and act as a great alternative if you leave the vape at your home. It comes in 16unique flavors. Some of them can be easily recognized, such as legendary cola ice flavors, strawberry watermelon flavors, butter cookies, mango lychee, and many more. The flavors are mixed specially to produce some amazing IVG bars. Disposable IVG pods are undoubtedly regarded as next-generation in vape devices. One of the important features of ivg bars is that they are extremely lightweight and portal device that is comfortable to use. Even it is lighter than a Greek bar.