July 14, 2024

Add Flair To Your Home With A Mid Century Modern Christmas Tree

Phew, what a year! With the turn of the unfortunate Covid pandemic this year, Christmas might just be the right season to shake things up. This Christmas, we suggest an adventurous, but warm mid-century Christmas decor. Imagine all the excitement on the morning of Christmas when your guests walk into an absolutely creative holiday-feel Christmas decor ensemble.

This year, we will be spreading warmth and hot decor tips that will add flair to your mid-century home.

Make a bold statement in your mid-century living room with a black ombre mid century modern Christmas tree with lights and red accessories. Accentuate this by adding textured brilliant red throw pillows and other great decor finds in your living room, like the “JOY” piece on this mid-century mantle.

If you are feeling adventurous, go pink! Complement this pink tree with white monochrome ornaments that go well with key elements in your living room. You’ll keep your guests talking for months!

Introduce some luxury feel with silver/gold highlights in your Christmas tree ornaments or metal-studded holiday vignette, as well as your gift packages. Contrast this beautifully with snow-white accessories that hold the true feeling of Christmas.

Feeling a bit traditional? Maintain your green-leaf Christmas tree, but add visual excitement with silver and gold accessories. Go crazy with your accessories and garlands. What better way to stay mid-century than the sentimental Christmas tree!

Switch things up beyond the Christmas tree with a modern sputnik chandelier and an unconventional mistletoe decor element or a willow root wreath.

Get creative! Create a centerpiece of a hanging wreath, ornaments, and stars. This can be a fun project for you and the kids. The centerpiece can make up a collection of things you can easily find at the dollar store.

After all we have been through in 2020, we at least deserve some candy. Hide some candy in warm fuzzy Christmas stockings and hand them up on your mid-century credenza or mantel to complement your tree. This will add some visual warmth, as well as give some excitement. Just goes right with the Christmas spirit.

And don’t forget! Grab attention right from the front door with a tinsel wreath that contrasts sharply with your door panel color, like Jenny from Suburban Pop has done here. This will perfectly complement your Christmas tree.