May 19, 2024

9 reasons you should watch Korean dramas

For the present, of course, watching movies, watching dramas or even series. That’s not difficult anymore. Unlike in the past, watching something had to wait. When it’s time to see but nowadays, watching movies or series is much easier. As long as you have internet access, you can watch it. And today you will know about Korean series. Why should you ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี?

The protagonist, the heroine, the secondary lady, good work in every dimension.

Whether it’s a hero or a heroine, the main character of the story has a very bright glow. In addition, in the part of the villain herself, the current beauty is not lost to the heroine. It’s called whether it’s a hero, a heroine, a vice-president, a villain, a good job, everyone.

Interesting storyline

Korean series has a variety of stories. The plot is very diverse. And there are many things that have caused phenomena to shake your world. Because of the popularity to the size of the world, must accept and bring Korean series that matter will continue in the form of your own country.

Career insights

Many times in Korean series that will talk about the character’s history or even that character’s occupation, such as a doctor, police officer, soldier, or a secret military unit that has already existed. Which the story is not only that the protagonist has a career to decorate only but also penetrating into the profession so that the audience can know about that profession by itself

Very few collision scenes

Of course, one of the most important things that you will see often are scenes where the villain slaps the heroine or there is a fight to the point of action. But for Korean series it’s quite different because of the drama scenes of Korean dramas. There were almost no slapping scenes for us to see. There is only the use of words. Only slashed

You can practice the language as well.

Currently, there are many applications that support monthly viewing. Which you can choose to watch both with Thai subtitles and without Thai subtitles, which at a certain point your viewing of Korean dramas may change. Because of learning from watching and you might be able to watch Korean series. Without having to have Thai subtitles as well

Variety of stories

The plot of the Korean series there is a wide variety in the story, ranging from the mystery. To the story of the royal family to the love of doctors, nurses, police, you can see the plot of Korean dramas. It can be said that there is a variety of creativity. The story came out very well.

If you’re sad, you can do it. Tears are real.

In 2013, there was a Korean movie that made a worldwide phenomenon. With the sad story of a young woman who has to go (secretly) in a cell to be close to her father who is a death row inmate. Which this story creates a lot of stories in people’s minds until this movie can hit foreign countries. Buy the license to create in your own version too.

Access to all ages

Strange and interesting for Korean series which can enter the hearts of Thai people of all ages, whether they are 18 years old to 60 years old, whether married, single or divorced, they all love Korean series. And will go into the hearts of women especially because they can be more than 67.6 that are addicted to Korean series together in such a dignified manner that they are called disciples

Catchy soundtrack

Many times the lead singer become the main character of the Korean series to take on the role of the hero and that makes the charm of the character will increase from the original fan base is already a singer. Still came to show the pattern of the performance until the girls were fascinated again and ending with singing the soundtrack for the series itself. Increases the level of fascination up to 80% ever.