July 14, 2024

6 reasons why you should open your minds to watch Chinese series

Currently, the world has many different series to watch, whether it’s Chinese series, Korean series and foreign or foreign series, it is one of the series that has almost everyone in the world. But Chinese series It’s a series that viewers are not following. Because it’s fresh and strange, so some people don’t want to open up much. Today you will know about ซีรี่ย์จีน. It’s better Why should you watch Chinese series?

Various characters

Chinese series is one of the series that has a lot of characters and each character has its own story as well, so if you are one of those who like to watch series. Because of the relationship of the characters, it can be said that the Chinese series is one of the series that must be picked up. Because of the variety of characters the relationship of the characters is a lot.

Various stories

Chinese series has a lot of storylines, from pure love stories to various dynasties, with each story having its own charm, especially if it’s a royal family, there will also be some history insertion. More knowledge as for the love story, the market may not be as big as that of Korea. But still considered that the story is not boring at all.

Actor’s face

In watching most Korean series, almost 60% is because the hero is handsome, the heroine is beautiful. There are Chinese series as well. Because the Chinese series there are also many good-looking actors and their appearance is similar to that of Korean dramas, thus making Chinese actors gain more fan bases from overseas. Because of the Chinese series and then the aura surged through that

Effect, beautiful, great

Chinese series are just a few series with battles and mentions of Inner Strength, also known as the Qi itself. This will allow us to see many battle scenes. The fight scenes may be offended by some. But you have to admit that the fighting effect that the Chinese series can do is great, very beautiful.

The identity shown

Chinese series that you have seen that in each scene where the story is run, the staff in each story may pay a lot of attention to the details of the movie. Because in some scenes, you can see the identity, culture, whatever that shows China for us to see as well.

Various beliefs

If it’s a Chinese series having mentioned various deities and cults, you can see the Chinese belief in the gods very much. Because China is one of the countries where many gods are worshiped, which beliefs also influence the Thai people as well. For example Guan Yin that not only Chinese people respect Thai people respect it too, and there is an appearance of Guan Yin in Chinese dramas. To be seen often as well

China is another country. There is a fairly large number of cultures and beliefs, and those beliefs will also be included in the Chinese series, so if you look at the Chinese series, if you look deep inside, you can see the culture. Beliefs are not just inner strength movies that are not fun to watch. If you look at the plot, the Chinese series is another series that has a fun, intense storyline, not losing to other countries for sure.