July 22, 2024

Working with Technical Publications Management Partner to Retain Control Over Aviation Documents

Technical publication management can pose operational efficiency, safety, and compliance issues for airlines. This includes retaining full management and editorial control of their mission-critical documents. Every airline must effectively and regularly update and maintain the standard of their documents by keeping up with different aviation regulations. A supportive publication management system can provide airlines with the assurance they need, making sure they retain full control and authority over their technical documents. The following are some of the challenges associated with retaining control of aviation documents and publications and the importance of using the right management solution:

Keeping Up with Constant Manual Changes

Manuals contain hundreds of pages and amendments are constantly released because of technological advancements of aircraft and local changes. Managing these changes in-house can take time. As OEM manufacturers release regular manual amendments, extra editing capacity is necessary during peak times. This is possible when the OEM combines a huge number of aircraft variants into one manual.

The extra pressure to complete many manual changes makes the editing process fragmented and maintaining control can be harder. This can undermine the publication management process and impact deadlines for completing manual amendments. Plus, your in-house team can struggle with updated complicated XML structured documents. Fortunately, Sonovision technical authoring services specialize in this area. They can help you better control publications distribution and tracking, as well as minimize the cycle time for making a document. 

Staying Compliant

Every organization must stay compliant with regulations. Although both OEM and operational manuals require regular oversight, your relationship with regulators can be under pressure because of the frequency of changes. This is especially possible for new fleets/tails that come into service and major overhauls. 

A reliable technical publication management service provider ensures document formatting is standardized and consistent. Also, they can help you archive and control documents to ensure there is a full version and offer you the ability to review changes made. 

With such a serious challenge, airlines must look for a reliable technical publications management partner that can meet their requirements and lets them retain the much-needed control. The right partner can cover documents in a cloud central library and can make sure the client keeps ownership and control of all content without the risk of having duplicated documents spread across various platforms and tools. Additionally, version control is an important element in publishing and the right partner standardizes this function to make sure you can take a version “roll-back, if necessary.