July 22, 2024

Top 4 Benefits of Renting Boat Storage

Owning a watercraft is one thing, and taking good care of it is another. Regular maintenance is important for impeccable upkeep, from inspecting the engine and propeller to regular washing and finding the right boat storage.

Finding reliable boat storage in Spanish Springs is important to ensure you protect your watercraft from sun rays, rust, and algae. With good boat storage, you’re also guaranteed the following benefits:

  1. Added Space

The most obvious benefit, which comes with putting your watercraft in a secure facility, is the enormous amount of space you want to save in your living quarters or driveway. If your home is very far from the nearest dock to keep your watercraft adrift when it’s not in use, a boat storage facility will free up your curbside or driveway, based on where you usually park.

Bigger boats can also consume more space and might be visually appealing when they sit in a driveway for a long time. Instead of allowing this space to go unused, be sure to look for a nearby storage unit to keep your watercraft secure, along with thousands of others.

  1. Guaranteed Security

Most individuals don’t prefer using wire fences in their homes, regardless of how secure it is. Plus, installing video cameras is expensive. This is where a good storage unit comes in.

Storing your watercraft with a reliable storage facility is more secure than keeping it in the garage or marina. Most reliable facilities also provide:

  • 24-hour video surveillance
  • Padlocks
  • Secure settings with barbed wire fencing
  • Code entry at the entrance to keep boats and other things safe
  1. Convenience

Keeping boats in a dry stack enables you to save a lot of time compared to towing them to and from ramps. Apart from that, you will save cash, which you would have spent on fuel, trailing, and heavy-duty towing vehicles.

Swing moorings can also suit you. Though these swing moorings might develop challenges as they normally remain unsupervised for a long time.

Covered units not attached to a home are suitable for this type of work, and it could even be better if it’s on the water. For owners of waterfront properties, dry storage can eliminate the need of towing boats back and forth.

  1. Minimize Wear and Tear on the Driveway

This is particularly true as far as boats are concerned. While some trailers weigh around 2,600 pounds, a fifth wheel might weigh even ten times compared to that.

A big motorhome can also weigh as much as 31,000 pounds. Most driveways are not constructed to sustain this weight, particularly for a long time.

Evaluating the costs of replacing driveways against storage units for your boat, you will realize that boat storage is a great and affordable option.

Closing Remarks!

Regardless of what type of boat you own, you might want to ensure you take good care of it. During winter, ensure you offer protection to your boat.

As far as keeping boats safe, dry stack storage is the right option. With winter months approaching, now could be the right time to determine how you can winterize and keep your boat safe.