July 14, 2024

Top 10 Productivity Time Hacks 2021

Time management and productivity are two major factors that determine the success of a business organization. The work managers should follow some hacks to increase the productivity of the business organization. In this article, I have mentioned ten hacks that are helpful to increase productivity time.

Hack 1: Organize Productive Hours

The productive hours of every employee differ. Some are comfortable during the morning, while others are night owls. Some employees prefer to work 9 to 5. Hence, spotting productive hours is important to get the best out of the employees. In 2021, employees are working from home due to Covid-19, and they can easily work at their most effective hours, which will increase productivity.

Hack 2: Prioritize to-do List

Work managers should make a to-do list and ask employees to give priority to it. A to-do list will help the employees to know better about what goals they have to accomplish. The overall productivity will be improved if the to-do list is followed correctly.

Hack 3: Praise Employees’ Work

The work managers should not forget to praise the employees if they do good. The praise from work managers will boost employees’ confidence, and they will try to give their best in the next work. The efficient work of employees will benefit the productivity of the business.

Hack 4: Monitor Employees’ Activity

In 2021, most of the employees have shifted to WFH, that is, work from home; hence it became really important to monitor the activities of employeesEmployee monitoring software like Workexaminer helps the work manager know how employees are working and how much time they contribute. It helps the managers to know about the whereabouts of the employees.

Hack 5: Share Plan for Next Day with Employees

Sharing work plans for the next day is a good hack for increasing productivity. The employees will get time for getting prepared for the next day’s work if the work plan is shared a day prior.

Hack 6: Ask Employees to Eliminate Distractions

The work managers should ask the employees to eliminate distractions like cell phones, social media platforms, etc., to focus fully on the work. If the employees will eliminate distractions, then their complete focus would be on the work only, which will eventually help increase the workforce’s productivity.

Hack 7: Do Small Stuff First

If the employees complete small stuff first, they would get enough time to complete the main work and lessen the burden. The work managers should advise the employees to complete the small stuff first and then move to the bigger stuff. Proper procedures of work will increase the productivity of the business organizations.

Hack 8: Use Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics software is a good method to improve productivity because it monitors the work of employees, which compels the employees to work for the fixed hours. Work examiner is famous software which helps to know about the work done by employees.

Hack 9: Hire Employees Carefully

The employer should hire carefully and choose only the deserving candidates because they will help the company reach the top. Good employees will help business organizations to achieve success.

Hack 10: Increase Employee Turnover

It is a good idea to increase the turnover of employees, which will help prevent talented employees from quitting the job, and they will work harder to increase the productivity of the business organization.