July 22, 2024

Steps to Import Car to Canada from The USA

Everyone’s dream is to buy their favorite car, but sometimes you just can’t find the right one in your country leaving you with no other choice than importing one. Importing a vehicle can be a hassle and can take a long time if not done correctly. Importing a vehicle in Canada is regulated by five different government agencies and usually completed through a multistage process. 

So here are some steps to help you deal with this complex process and get your dream car imported.

  • Satisfying the Five Government agencies: To import a vehicle in Canada from the USA, your vehicle needs to meet all the requirements of these five government agencies.
    1. Transport Canada
  1. Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  2. Canada Border Services Agency
  3. Environment and Climate Change Canada
  4. The U.S. Customs Border Protection
  • Ensuring Vehicle Admissibility: Transport Canada has a list of vehicles that are admissible to be imported in the country via the Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV). You need to verify with the RIV whether the vehicle you want to import is admissible or not in the country.
  • Ensuring the Right Documentation for Importing: Your car should come with the documentations like a manufacture certificate, clearance letter, sale bill, and export certificate.
  • Filing AES and Getting your ITN: Automated Export System or the AES should be filled 72 hours before exporting your car. Once the AES is accepted, an Internal Transaction Number or ITN will be issued which is to accompany the request to start the export notice.
  • Submitting Documents to The U.S. Customs Border Protection: Once your AES and ITN gets approved, you need to provide some documentation such as Individual Tax Number, copy of the bill of sale, U.S. Customs Vehicle Export Worksheet, Copy of the vehicle’s title.
  • Getting approved by the CFIA: If you are buying a vehicle for agricultural purposes or work vehicles, then you need The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s approval.
  • Submitting the right documents: The right documents need due submission to the CBSA for clearances.
  • Paying the RIV Registration Fee: You need to pay a registration fee to the Registrar of Imported Vehicles once your vehicle is imported. 
  • Passing the Inspection and Registration: The cleared documents need a 45-day submission to ensure the clear vehicle passage.
  • Keeping records: Do not forget to keep a record on file while importing a vehicle at least for six years after the import. 

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