July 14, 2024

Grab The Latest Blackstone Griddles with Air Fryer at BBQs 2u

There is some exciting news for grill enthusiasts as Blackstone is now officially in the UK with their latest Griddles and accessories. All these years, only some could enjoy outdoor barbecuing while other members had to be locked up in the kitchen for preparing other dishes. This does not seem to be an ideal experience.

With Blackstone Griddle with an Air Fryer, the scenario has now changed as everything can be cooked outside. Users can buy their latest Griddle models from the online store of BBQs 2u which will be available from Jan 2023. 

BBQs 2u is a popular barbecue company that is an authorised Blackstone dealer and hence, they will be the first to receive the brand’s stock. BBQs 2u is also an authorized dealer of Kamado Joe, Napoleon grills, and Ooni Pizza ovens which speaks for their passion for grilling.  

Blackstone allows users to do more with their griddle as the Patio Griddle is an ideal entertainer that can griddle, bake, grill, sauté, and air fry. The simplest meals are much more satisfying to prepare on their versatile gas griddle. 

To give their customers a lifetime of pleasure and delectable food, BBQs 2u is also the first to acquire the most recent Blackstone Griddles and accessories in January 2023. To enjoy cooking anything outside with family and friends, pre-order a Blackstone Griddle with an air fryer at https://www.bbqs2u.co.uk/blackstone-griddles/1001-blackstone-28-griddle-with-airfryer-1785.html

The built-in air fryer allows users to can eat without feeling guilty as it consumes less oil. You may make a healthier version of your favourite fried and fatty foods with the built-in air fryer basket. 

The 524 square inches of carbon steel cooking surface and 2-quart air frying capacity give enough room to prepare everything that can be prepared in the oven or on the stovetop allowing users to make “fried” chicken, egg rolls, potatoes and any kind of delicious food.

Fries should be cooked in the air fryer basket and placed in the warming basket until the burgers are done. A temperature adjustment knob on the air fryer basket enables users to cook food at three different temperatures between 300°F and 475°F. 

Cooking bacon or any other juicy meat can end up being messy making cleaning difficult. Fortunately, the heavy-duty griddle come with a grease trap in the back to gather all the debris and keeps your cooking clean and easy.

The bottom line is buying Blackstone Air Fryer Griddle combo is a worthy investment. There are varieties of indoor appliances from different brands similar to Blackstone Griddle but this model accomplishes all that you require it to achieve. 

The major difference is that the three drawers’ capacity that can be used for cooking or warming food. This allows users to modify their cooking schedule to be in a certain window and ensure that everything is finished at the same time.

Blackstone products are created using cutting-edge technology and creativity, with a primary focus on their clients and well-made, supreme quality goods that could deliver the best outcomes. 

Nothing can be more desirable when customers who purchase Blackstone Griddle with an Air Fryer from BBQs 2u are guaranteed to get the greatest quality and all the required extras, enabling them to have a wonderful and complete outdoor cooking experience.