July 14, 2024

Best Bakeries To Visit In and Around Seattle

From warm chocolate croissants to beautifully made pineapple pastries, the bakeries around Seattle bring you a whole arsenal of flavors. These bakeries have been around for decades and the people absolutely love them. If you have a weak spot for baked goods and cakes, then here are the best bakery in Seattle that you can visit and enjoy a delectable treat.

85ºC Bakery and Cafe – this bakery is very different from the Western-style ones because it is influenced by Taiwanese style of baking. From baked breads and pastries, you can find the most delicious desserts in this small bakery situated in Tukwila, Lynnwood, Federal Way and several other locations. Their gluten free products are very popular and you can also try their coffee bread and marbled taro paste.

Amandine Bakeshop – located at Chophouse Row, this bakeshop is a must visit for anyone who is willing to taste some British desserts. Run by Sara Naftaly, Amandine Bakeshop is famous for their brownie macaroni, sultana malt loaf and wide range of pastries. The shop has a cute and minimal interior that will give out a homely atmosphere and warm feeling. The prices are very reasonable and that is why you can definitely try out more than one item.

Babushka PNW – Kendra Grieco and Alana Gidycz have successfully brought a touch of Eastern Europe to Seattle by launching the Babushka PNW bakery. Their style of making desserts and breads can be traced back to the traditional Babushka baking methods. Their yeasted dough and rich Theo chocolate are the best selling items in this bakery. Other items that you can try out include frozen pelmeni, potato pierogi and the cheese dumplings.

Bakery Nouveau – if you love eating croissants and want to taste the best of them in Seattle, then Bakery Nouveau is your destination. Their small bakery has now received a huge upgrade as people can now sit and dine here. For many years, this bakery has offered the people with mouth-watering desserts and small treats. Their fine chocolates are also very popular. They are known for using almond meal, powdered sugar, and rum in order to make their products. It’ll be hard to resist the temptation to try out their assorted chocolates that can make anyone drool and die for the moment you see them.

Byen Bakeri – influenced by Scandinavian heritage and culture, the Byen Bakeri is now a popular name in and around Seattle. People love visiting this small bakery nestled in the heart of Seattle for their amazing delicacies. You can try out the limpa, lefse, stollen, semlor, and the croquembouche when you visit this bakery cum café. The shop experiences long queues from the morning till night as people want to eat and enjoy the beautiful flavors from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Cakes of Paradise – located in Georgetown, this is one of the best bakeries in Seattle right now. The beautiful bakery has a wonderful interior that welcomes you in the most homely manner. From Hawaiian reggae music to comfortable seating arrangement, you can enjoy their wonderful range of desserts with great joy. Their passion fruit cake and coconut cream pie are two of the most ordered items on the list. Their famous Portugal styled doughnuts also come with a very unique and delicious taste.

So, here are the most popular and best bakeries that you can visit when you are in Seattle. All the bakeries around this region have very unique desserts and other products to offer to the people. They serve fresh and hot cakes at all times. Make sure to visit them and enjoy the best pastries and cakes you have ever eaten.