July 14, 2024

Garapa Wood: Ipe Wood at a pocket-friendly price

What is Garapa Wood?

Garapa wood is found in the rainforests of Brazil, and ecologically sustainable techniques of forestry are used for its cultivation and harvesting. It is also known as Brazilian Ash, is a close relative of the Ipe, but has a lighter color. Garapa Wood shares the same features as Ipe Wood in terms of resistance to bugs, fire and decay, though it has a more uniform color and takes a longer time than Ipe wood to turn silver-grey.

How is Garapa Wood different from Ipe Wood?

Though Garapa and Ipe Wood are strong, hard and durable, Ipe wood is stronger and is preferred over Garapa Wood for building decking and fences that have to withstand wear and tear. However, Garapa Wood provides more choices in color; it offers shades of yellow, amber and even bronze, while Ipe Wood is restricted to shades of brown. Garapa wood has a shorter life span than Ipe wood, though the lifespan of both kinds of wood are significantly longer than other types of wood. Garapa Wood is the go-to material if Ipe wood is beyond the budgetary plans.

Why choose Garapa Wood?

The grains of the Garapa Wood are incredibly tight and with little variations, making it difficult for contaminants, including insects, to enter and cause decay and rotting. It is dense and cannot be broken easily. Garapa wood does not require a sealer unless the user intends to secure its color. Like Ipe Wood, Garapa Wood can last for a lifetime if taken proper care of. Users of Garapa wood can forget the hassle of refinishing to maintain the wood as it requires very little maintenance. Garapa Wood offers versatility in its appearance, creating an impression that the house owner cares for the house and can be customized according to the user’s tastes. Garapa wood appears to be elegant beyond its price. Garapa wood comes with a honey blonde color, and even if it turns silver, users tend to keep it as it looks regal. The light color blends with the décor of almost any house and enhances the aesthetic appearance of the house. The price of Garapa Wood is significantly lower, having a price difference of $2.5, compared to cedarwood or mahogany, and is the go-to alternative for Ipe Wood.

When to choose Garapa Wood?

Different types of woodwork require different types of wood; a deck has to withstand a lot of foot movement, while siding has to weigh less to be used for hanging. If the user plans on making a deck siding or hanging siding, Garapa Wood is a good choice as these structures do not need as durable wood as the Ipe wood used for the decking.

If a lighter color blends well with the house’s overall appearance, Garapa wood is preferred over others as using any other type of wood would make the structure look out of place. However, the choice of wood ultimately rests with the user; the user has to decide whether Garapa wood fits with the house’s overall look. If it does not, then he or she should consider other alternatives.

Garapa Wood from Buy Ipe Direct

Garapa Wood from Buy Ipe Direct comes in two variations: Easy Edge and Pregrooved and are priced per linear foot and board length. The price of Garapa wood at random length starts from $3 per linear foot, while the price of the specified length of Garapa Wood is determined by the number of pieces required.