May 19, 2024

Earth Wardrobe – Moving Towards Sustainability


The earth wardrobe is the first ever to introduce the concept of Sustainable Clothing. They keep in their minds the current degrading condition of the environment and related to that they price their supply tends to be shaped efficiently to make the sustainable products affordable and accessible for everyone.

The company of earth wardrobe was initiated in 2016 after the owner itself completed a degree of engineering from a reputed college. He then wanted to enter into the start-up world. By selling a million products on Amazon he then understood that this would be a competitive world and business to deal with.

Therefore, he explained the concept of supply efficiency to himself and thought that the amount to which a chain is efficient and the type of innovations one does in a start-up are the only two ways that decide the success of a business.

It was then decided to make the supply chain efficient in terms of cost, environment, and various other socio-economic factors

What is Sustainable Clothing?

Sustainable Clothing is something that is invented, designed, and manufactured in a way that is environment friendly and not opposing social practices.

Something that does not have the involvement of animals in it.

Many people in the UK prefer to wear clothes that are made from second-hand or organic material.

A person in the line of fashion is always encouraged to initiate a business that focuses mainly on sustainable clothing and nothing else. However, it would be tough for some people to give a thought to it and also to initiate it. However, the earth wardrobe is surely moving towards this step of sustainability clothing. Let us show you in what ways they can do this: –

  • By keeping their price range within budget and offering the clients a lot of varieties and choices.
  • By shipping various goods from their highly efficient and amazing warehouse at Edinburgh.
  • They offer their clients some really good rewards so that they could ship more than one item together. This reduces the extra cost and the shipping charges.
  • The usage of biodegradable bags by them has made the clients even more impressed.

Thus, these are some efficient and full-proof methods that would for sure take their brand to the sky heights.

Zara which is a topmost clothing brand had a long time back decided to initiate their fashion into a sustainable one. However, they offered the condition that the sustainable section would be more expensive than the normal routine one. This must not be the case.

Various methods could be used so that the cost of sustainable clothing comes down. This can be done by using technology and advancements too. The big digital tools could come in handy and the supply chains can be initiated with zero inefficiencies and waste.

When you look at it from the side of production then the research of various methods concerning how to reduce the factory impact on the environment are going on.

Therefore, earth wardrobe is to be highly appreciated for taking a step in the direction in which only fewer people do.