May 19, 2024

7 Good Habits I Developed during Quarantine

In the last few months since lockdowns began, I have been capable to see my past and recall distinct points. I dated with George and got married, became preoccupied with the croissants, changed furniture positions, cut the trees and called friends, while limiting myself indoor. Thanks to the for every help it offered during this quarantine period. I frequently used Foot Locker Kuwait promo code to order shoes for my husband and myself. I ordered plenty of other apparels especially lounging materials using the same promo. I developed some habits during quarantine. 

Separating Work and Husband:

In start, I used to work with George at the same table. It was fine. However, we started to feel that things are getting worst with the passage of time. Our table was full of files and papers. We were interrupting each other during phone calls. Finally, we decided to work separately. However, we never missed the favorite TV shows in the evening. 

Setting Time Limits on Social Media:

I bet I am not the only person who increased the use of social media during lockdowns. My Instagram activity was increasing day by day. I felt that it is not god for eyes as well as for work. This led me to set time limits on Instagram use. 

Online Shopping:

It was hard for me to avoid the shopping. No doubt, there was no special event or gathering but I still needed lounging apparels. I spent all the day in a single panty and bra. George was doing well in his boxers. We needed these things more than ever so I decided to use Foot Locker Kuwait promo code. Thanks to for providing regular updates on latest announcements by this store. 

Workout and Exercises:

In start, we ignored the workout routine. We were fond of sleeping most of the time in day or night. With the passage of time, we learned that this routine has negative health impacts. We decided to start light workouts at home. This decision is great for everyone who has no access to exercise facilities and gyms. 

Cooking New Dishes:

George and I cooked so many new dishes during the quarantine time. This was our favorite hobby at home. This experience is excellent as it tells you about the significance of homemade foods and drinks. You don’t need to buy everything from markets. Save money by preparing the easy dishes at home. 


George love gardening so he started new projects in the backyard. I helped him too in sowing, watering and cutting the plants. These efforts resulted in a beautiful garden at the end of spring season. 

Sending Gifts to Family and Friends:

My parents live in Canada but I was in Kuwait with George for an oil refinery project. Sending gifts to parents, family and friends during the quarantine brought amazing results. I bought shoes, apparels and other important stuffs for everyone with Foot Locker Kuwait promo code. This was an affordable experience because of the promotions on all products.