July 14, 2024

Water Activated Tape – What Is It & What Are the Advantages of Using It?

When it comes to packaging and shipping goods, choosing the right packing tape can make a significant difference in the efficiency, security and appearance of your parcels. Water activated tape is an increasingly popular choice for businesses and individuals alike due to its unique properties and numerous benefits. This article will delve into the features of water activated tape and explore some of the advantages it offers over traditional packing tape options.

What is Water Activated Tape?

Water activated tape, also known as gummed tape, is a type of packing tape that requires moisture to activate its adhesive properties. This tape is made from a combination of paper and starch-based adhesive, which creates a strong and secure bond with the surface it’s applied to when moistened. Water activated tape is used in various industries, such as eCommerce, manufacturing and shipping of goods, and is ideal for use in areas where fluctuating weather conditions and flooding are common.

The Advantages of Using Water Activated Tape

Water activated tape has many advantages over regular packing tape. Some of the biggest benefits of water activated tape include:

Enhanced Security

One of the best benefits of using water activated tape is the improved security it offers your packages. The bond formed between the tape and box is strong and tamper-evident, making it difficult for unauthorised individuals to access the contents without leaving visible signs of tampering. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses that are shipping valuable or sensitive items.

Superior Durability

The durability of water activated tape sets it apart from other packing tape options. The paper-based material and starch adhesive create a robust seal that can withstand varying temperatures, humidity levels and even rough handling and impacts during transit. As a result, your packages are more likely to arrive at their destination in pristine condition, reducing the risk of damage and customer complaints.

Environmentally Friendly

With growing concerns about the environmental impact of packaging materials, water activated tape offers a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packing tape. Made from natural, biodegradable materials such as paper and starch, this tape can be easily recycled or composted, helping to reduce waste and minimise your overall carbon footprint. 

Ease of Use

While the process of using water activated tape may initially seem more involved than using traditional packing tape, the investment in a water activated tape dispenser makes it a simple and efficient process. This device moistens and cuts the tape to the desired length, dramatically streamlining your packing operations and saving valuable time. Various water activated tape dispenser options are available to suit specific packaging needs. 


Water activated tape offers an extensive range of real and unique benefits over traditional packing tape options, including enhanced security, durability, environmental friendliness and ease of use. By incorporating water activated tape into your packaging processes, you can improve the overall quality and appearance of your parcels while also making them more secure and durable.