May 19, 2024

Understanding Combat Lightsabers In Depth

Sure, you have the opportunity to wield some of the most powerful and legendary weapons in the galaxy, but some knights weren’t as lucky (as you might be after a combat  lightsaber purchase) to jump straight into combat with a lightsaber. That’s right, some Jedi (and Siths) had to start out with something a little smaller. Whether they be called training sabres, practice sabres, or low powered lightsabers, these weapons are what many start out with before they go on to fight in battle. So with this being said, here’s a look at training sabres.

About Training Sabres

Usually referred to as practice sabres or training sabres, these lightsabers are fairly similar to actual lightsabers as they can cause damage. However, they operated with an electromagnetic containment field (that was highly powered) which made it considerably more difficult to penetrate an object (when compared to a standard lightsaber).

So when the energy (to form the blade) was contained and capable of creating less damage, the training lightsabers would only cause minor burns, bruises, and welts. Death or amputation is not a factor with training lightsabers. However, it’s worth mentioning that such a feature was capable of being readjusted by a Jedi who was fully trained in the event a Master or Knight needed to use a trainee’s lightsaber for an emergency.

Lightsabers & Young Jedi

The training lightsabers were oftentimes utilized by the younglings and Jedi Initiates.  By utilizing these low-powered lightsabers for training, the younglings were capable of learning the fundamental aspects of fighting and utilizing a lightsaber for combat.

Since these lightsabers were just like regular lightsabers set to a lower power, it allowed these young warriors to keep their flesh and limbs after sparring. Contact to the skin was still painful for the Jedi in training, as they would walk away from practice with bruises, welts, and a few burns to take care of after practice. 

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