May 20, 2024

Tylenol Capsules: Why Choose Them Over Other Forms of Tylenol

You may wonder what’s the different between capsules and tablets when you’re selecting which type of Tylenol you want to use for your pain. Both tablets and Tylenol capsules have their share of benefits. Therefore, the choice boils down to your personal preferences. 

Less Likely to Cause Irritation

Tablets are more likely to cause irritation when you swallow them In particular, they’re more likely to irritate your gastrointestinal tract. This is especially the case if you have an issue that affects your stomach. Therefore, when you choose capsules, you’re less likely to experience an upset stomach or experience the unpleasantness of an peptic ulcer, which some drugs are known to cause. 

Faster Acting 

While you may read that Tylenol capsules are faster acting on the packaging, they actually are faster acting. Tablets take longer for your body to absorb than capsules. Ultimately, this affects how quickly the medication takes to work and can even affect the effectiveness of the medication. This means that you can find quicker pain relief when you take a capsule as opposed to a tablet. 

Break Down More Consistently 

While you may not notice this when you take a Tylenol tablet verses Tylenol capsules, the capsules break down more evenly than the tablets. Ultimately, this can enhance the effectiveness of the pain reliever as well as the overall absorption rate.  

Easier to Take 

Tablets can have a flavored coating to try to cover up the taste. On the other hand, some tablets come just as they are, which leaves a bad taste in your mouth once you take one. With capsules, you don’t experience the unpleasant taste in your mouth. The capsules also tend to go down easier, which leaves less room for the capsule to start breaking down in your mouth or your throat before you have the opportunity to swallow it. 

The capsule also protects you from the medication dissolving in your mouth or throat and causing problems. 

For some, the capsules are much easier to swallow than the capsules are. 

You have the option between capsules and tablets. You can find the same varieties available in both forms, but you have to compare which form you’d rather have.